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Archived Newsletters, by date: many are still relevant

Pat Carrington's 90th Birthday Gratitude Teleclass 7-7-14

Announcing the next Pro EFT Masters and Jed Diamond's program for Men's Health 6-22-14

Attracting Love - Stefan Gonik program 5-21-14

Our new, Level 4, Continuing Education Workshop 4-21-14

Tapathon replays still available 3-8-14

Sebastiaan van der Schrier's Project "Empowering the Philippines 3-29-14

The Prosperity Tree radio broadcast 07-11-13

Attracting What You Want Course and Membership Site 5-1-13

Radio show, Nick on Dr. Oz and Cindy Kubica's program 4-11-13

The Tapping Solution book and Energized Living Today 4-2-13

Announcement of new Pro EFT Masers 3-19-13

Sheila Gale radio interview 3-12-13

Level 1 and 2 Webclasses and Practitioners Intensive 3-11-13

Announcing Practitioner Package and webclasses 2-27-13

Fund raiser extended through tomorrow 2-21-13

Charitable contribution to the Newtown CT survivors 2-18-13

Lindsay's session on the World Summit and Iyanla Vanzant 2-10-13

Tapping World Summit opens Monday, the 4th... 2-3-13
Nick Ortner Radio Interview on the 5th http://tinyurl.com/NickOrtnerInterview

Tapping World Summit open for registration 1-21-13

Tapping Summit videos and Self Sabotage radio show 1-14-13

Tribute to the Newtown, CT tragedy and other things 12-17-12

Carol Look's Procrastination program 12-02-12

Sheila Show Interview and EFT Radio link: 11-20-12

Life Without Limits teleseminar series 11-14-12

Urgent Tapping Session for victims of hurricane Sandy 11-1-12

Pat Carrington and Lindsay teleclasses on Attracting 8-10-12

Living Energy Workshop in LA 8-8-12

Lifetime Achievement Award for Pat Carrington and other news 07-18-12

Replay of interview with Pat 06-25-12

Pat Carrington and Lindsay Teleclass on Attracting Exactly What you Want 6-20-12

Unstoppable You Intensive for Business Freebies and other announcements 5-30-12

Final chance for World Summit bonuses + EFT Radio interview 5-6-12

Read about the World Summit Kickoff May 7th 04-25-12

Announcement about Pro EFT Masters Program 04-21-12

Website-Facelift Celebration and Sale + World Summit Interview 2: 04-18-12

Marc Sotkin raising money for PBS series on Happiness 03-12-12

8 Gr8 W8 Tips for W8 Release 02-15-12

Two Freebies 02-01-12

Updates on a few things 01-12-12

Chip Conley's book "Emotional Equations" 01-10-12

Announcements about 2012 workshops and Resolution teleclass. 1-4-12

11-11-11 Announcements and more about Vets Movie online 11-4-11

UPW this week and Iyanla on Oprah 10-20-11

Till Schilling, radio guest and other announcements 9-27-11

David Riklan, SelfGrowth.com 9-21-11

Karl Dawson / Matrix Reimprinting 09-14-11

Nick Ortner Interview and Pain Summit 09-09-11

Two Freebies, one from Carol Look, one (two) from me 8-19-11

The week of Aug. 8th, '11 was a busy one. Read the broadcasts here:

Dr. Bradley Nelson on the Emotion Code, and Project Helping Hand 8-3-11

Christine Kolenda on using EFT for creative breakthroughs 07-27-11

The "Ultimate Choice" Teleclass and Sylvia Becker-Hill interview 7-20-11

Heavy Metal toxicity with Valerie Ozsu 7-13-11

Karin Davidson on the an important aspect of the Gamut Point 7-6-11

Lindsay's back to back shows on the Cone of Shame! 6 -19-11 and 6-29-11

Free Indecision Videos and Pro EFT radio announcement 6-19-11

Radio Broadcast 2-part series on Gay Bashing 6-7-11

Military Service Scholarship and Mentoring program 05-31-11

Ron Ball Interview and free Starter Package 05-25-11

Bob Doyle's on Pro EFT Radio, Free Carol Look interview and OCD giveaway 5-9-11

Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah again, and our Tap Away Weight Clinic in Denver 4-30-11

EFT Mp3 and EFT Certification Assessment Program 4-18-11

Train the Trainer announcement 4-4-11

Cathryn Taylor radio guest on addictions 3-23-11

Mind Movies videos for Bobs Proctor and Doyle 3-21-11

World Summit upgrade options, Bundling Baggage Teleclasses 3-4-11

Final World Summit Registration + Carol Look interview 2-20-11

World Summit Announcements and Iyanla Vanzant (and Oprah guest) 2-15-11

Free Cheryl Richardson video tinyurl.com/WorldSummit-CherylRichardson
Bruce Lipton video can be seen there too.

Free Jack Canfield videos, Tapping World Summit 2011,
Train the Trainers announcement 2-1-11

Announcement of Tap Away Indecision videos, Tapping Buddies,
plus 11-11-11 sale extent ion: 1-17-11

New Year's sale with Tap Away Pain videos 1-1-11

Matrix and Level 1 and 2 with Abundance emphasis 12-20-10

Big Hot Flash Announcement about EFT United and AAMET 12-6-10

Announcing Practitioners Intensive and PTSD/Trauma DVDs 11-20-10

Matrix Reimprinting announcement and tapping for teens Oct. 10-7-10

Reversals video, Level 1 and 2 Webclasses, and Tappy Bear 10-3-10

Vets article series and Ultimate Personal Transforming Program 09-24-10

Project Giving Hope begins + two freebies 08-23-10

Hot flash reminders 08-10-10

Our biggest, most important newsletter to date! 08-03-10

Ultimate Facilitators Course and Bundling Baggage Bonus 7-16-10

Ultimate Facilitators Course and Power of 10s Anger article 5-30-10

Ultimate Personal Transformation Program 4-14-10

Third Tip in "Power of 10s" series: Tapping Away Stress 2-23-10

Reminder of the Weight Release course 1-30-10

Introduction of our new "Tap Away Weight" Tele-class and Webinar 11-20-10

The announcement of our new "Power of 10s" Series 1-11-09

Lindsay's Holiday Gifts (Free audios and more) 12-13-9

Pat Carrington's Zap Cravings Program and announcements about our 2010 workshops and web-classes 12-9-9

Radio Broadcast (recording) on alleviating Stress and Anxiety 9-23-09

Insiders Club announcement 8-11-9

Level 1 Webclass Recordings only $49! Level 2 Webclass
in July almost sold out. 6-22-09

Video Web-Class $1 for the first class 5-25-9

Video Web-Class Date Change 5-5-9

Web-Class Announcement for Levels 1 and 2, 4-20-9

Tapping World Summit announcement 4-2-9

Teleclass Additional Bonus 2-22-9

Empowerment Teleclass Announcement 1-6-9



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