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Hot Flash 1 - I'm delighted to announce our annual Level 1 and 2 Webclasses for 2010, beginning October 18th. This hybrid webinar and teleclass allows you to learn Progressive EFT from anywhere in the world, via the internet or by phone. These courses are truly unique in the tapping community.


Please read all about the Level 1 and 2 webinar at the above link, but here are three things you need to know now:

  1. You can participate in the audio part of the first class F*R*E*E This is perfect for those who like to check things out first. This no cost option still comes with handouts, bonuses and the VIDEO download you can watch anytime.
  2. We can only take 20 participants in these online courses (due to bandwidth restrictions.) So when the class is full, registration will be closed for the webinar part. Bummer. Even then you can still participate in the teleclass portion of the classes.
  3. You can save time and money by registering for both now and insure your place. The price is already very low, and, you'll get over $300 in bonus material. So learn about your options and save your place now.


tappybearHot Flash 2 - If you don't know about "Tappy Bear" for your kids or grand kids, you should. This adorable 'toy' is a clever way for children to learn about tapping in an age-appropriate way.


Imagine how different your own childhood might have been if this imaginative, healing resource would have been available to you. Tappy is a HUGE success with kids and elementary schools in South America. And in my opinion, Tappy Bears should be in every home with children in the U.S. and around the world. (I like to think big.) Click on the bear banner above, or here, to see why they are so cool and to get one for the kids you love. Thanks to my colleague, Till Schilling, for developing this creative EFT product!


Hot Flash 3 - Here's a little gift for you! If you want to boost your results with tapping, watch my recent video on Reversals; Recognizing and Neutralizing Them" This PowerPoint video and accompanying material, will teach you new insights into Pro EFT and our perspective on Reversals.


FYI 1: If you missed the live teleclasses conducted by "Project Giving Hope" for cancer victims, you can still listen to the audio recordings. Download the list of subjects, speakers and mp3 links here Congratulations to team leader, Christine Kolenda, and the fabulous group of practitioners who did an incredible job on this worthy project!! Go PGH!


FYI 2: If you are already a Level 2 graduate, look into our Ultimate Practitioners Workshop/Level 3. It's Oct. 29th- 31st, in San Francisco. Read about it at this link and register now.


FYI 3: Introducing a new section of our Hot Flashes Newsletter:
FAQ's: And here are the first two:

Q. How is Pro EFT different from traditional EFT?

A. The simple answer is they are the same at the basic level. However, Pro EFT goes well beyond traditional tapping from there. Read this article I recently wrote about the 18 distinctions in EFT and Pro EFT, and how that's relevant to your tapping experiences.

Q. How long does it typically take (how many rounds) to resolve an issue?

A. This is one of those "it depends" answers. Depending on the complexity of an issue and the skill of the practitioner, it could take 3 rounds or 30. If I had give an average, with Pro-EFT it's about 3-4 rounds. It's common for the intensity to go from a 10 to a 7 to a 4 to 1 or zero. But again, that can differ considerably, depending on several variables, including the ones listed above.


If, however, the intensity or "SUDs" level isn't coming down at all after 2-3 rounds, then you're probably missing an important element.'s and Freebie for you: Download my e-book on "12 Tips for more Effective Tapping". Then watch the above freebie on Reversals: Hot Flash #3. :-)


Send us YOUR questions about tapping now

We will answer the top two most common questions in each newsletter. Then we'll add them to the FAQ's page on our website.


Good Luck and Good Tapping,


PS Remember to read about all of our international community projects at Some our ongoing and some just getting started.


To view a trailer of the Eric Huurre documentary on PTSD with Vets, or to support the project by purchasing the DVD's, visit "Operation Emotional Freedom: The Answer"

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