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Hot Flash 1:
Be sure to listen in tonight! (Wednesday, the 6th, 9pm EDT) to our Pro EFT radio show.



Join me tonight when I interview my colleague, Karin Davidson,
co-founder of MTT, certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer and more.
Karin will teach us a very important and even controversial use for the gamut point. You've got to hear about this and try it yourself.


Tune in online at www.ProEFTRadio.comradiomic
or phone in at 760-683-2626. 9pm EDT,
(6pm PDT)

Trust me - do not miss it!
If you can't join us live, find the recording afterwards at http://tinyurl.com/proEFTShows


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Please send your Vets friends and family to www.TappingWorkshops.com to read about our Tappy Williams Military Scholarship Program.


Upcoming Pro EFT workshops:
Note: We've had to postpone our July Tap-Away Weight Clinic & August Train the Trainer courses in Denver. I'll let you know when we reschedule

Good Luck and Good Tapping,


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