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Happy 2011!

Lindsay's exciting BIG 1-11-11 SALE!!

Hot Flash 1 - I've spent much of my holidays joyously setting up things for 2011. At the top of my list was a BIG SALE for my subscribers ...YOU!

So here's the amazing deal; Until Jan. 11th ALL of my audios are on sale for only $11 each (normally $25-50!) That's right, until 1-11-11 you'll pay only $11!! Most are 90-minutes long and are packed full of EFT & Pro EFT techniques and information. Plus, on the same sales page all webinar videos and all audio packages are on sale for 60-90% off! Take advantage of this opportunity now.

There are 111 choices on sale, most for $11, covering just about every tapping subject you can imagine; weight release, anger, resentment, frustration, procrastination, clutter, the need to be perfect, limiting beliefs, fears, stress/anxiety, being stuck, smoking cessation, core issues, guilt, shame, grief, betrayals, cravings, attracting love, self-esteem, and much more. (Pain and Illness videos are offered in a separate new package below.) Almost 111 products for $11 each, until 1-11-11! And the packaged deals are 60-90% OFF! Check out the sales page now!

Hot Flash 2:
There's still more! Life can be miserable when you're experiencing pain or illness. But why suffer if you can "Tap it Away?" I've created a 3-part video series called "Tap Away Pain, Illness and Disease." On any 'normal' day I would charge $99 for this unique, 3-part video set; which includes tap-alongs, PowerPoint handouts and other freebies. It would be a bargain even at $99. But I want to stay with the 1-11-11 discount theme.

So... I'm offering this powerful, new, 3-part video series, for only $29.95... until 1-11-11! Why not? That's 60% off of what it will sell for Jan. 12th. It's basically: buy one and get two free. Read how to tap away your pain and illness now!

Happy New Year!

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