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1 Important Announcement / Reminder
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Announcement / Reminder: The Tapping Fundraiser for Newton, CT, has been a great success! But here's even better news: Initially, The Tapping Solution Foundation was going to donate all of the proceeds only from Monday's World Summit sales to the people of Newtown. However, they've decided to continue the promotion through Friday in order to raise $100,000 dollars! We're so close. And it's not to late for you to participate. Own all of the audios from the Summit AND have 100% of what you pay go to a very worthy cause.

Learn more about it and take action now at

Remember that 100% of what you pay for the audios from the Summit will be used to bring tapping to the survivors and families of Newtown, CT. They (the Ortner family,) will be paying for all other costs out of their pockets, so that all of the proceeds go into helping those who need it most.

If you didn't watch Jessica Ortner's video last week, please do it now


Reminder 2:
Our very popular EFT Practitioners Intensive is now open for registration! It will be held May 31st - June 3 at a beautiful, bay side pihotel in San Francisco!

Whether you are a basic EFT Practitioner or aspiring Pro EFT student, then this is where you want to be for the best education and certification pathway in Tapping.

The EFT Practitioners Intensive is a way to go from zero to 100 in the shortest period of time, with the maximum impact. Part of this program will be done online to save you time and a lot of money. Then you'll spend four days power-packed days in person for professional supervision and practice.

The seats for this course are limited and will fill up quickly.Read more and register now. If you're still not sure, read just some of what thousands of other students have to say about our advanced courses.

Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master



Upcoming Workshops and Events

The Pro EFT™ Level 1 and 2 Workshops have been rescheduled to June 7-9th - Find out more at

Our Live ONLINE, Pro EFT™ Basics and Beyond Webinars (Level 1++) will be starting March 2. The Innovative, Intermediate Tapping Webinars (Level 2) will begin March 30. They will be live, weekend, virtual events, saving you a lot of time and money. So mark your calendars because registration will be open this weekend.

Registration is now open for our Four-Day Practitioners Workshop. Read more and register now.


* "FRisbEE" is our little euphemism for "no cost" or "complimentary," gift, etc. Spelling out the FR and EE would mean your spam filters would keep you from getting this. So instead of spelling it fr*e-e we make it FRisbEE, which is more fun. Now you know. Back to where you left off.


Other Tapping News and Resources

  • If you're new to tapping, snag one of our "FRisbEE" Pro EFT™ Starter packages. It's worth over $200, but there's no charge for you. Check out our new site while there.
  • Read about Lindsay's Ultimate Personal Transformation Program going on now. 10 sessions and 10 weeks to ultimate change.
  • Visit Lindsay's Media Page for interviews, audios, videos and more.
  • If you want practice tapping with others check out our new Tapping Buddies Program We have beginners and experts in basic EFT and Pro EFT™ , all volunteering to help each other.
  • Go directly to our Pro EFT™ Products and Services page: and read about our Grand Opening sale on everything!