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2 Hot Flash Quickies


Hot Flash 1 - I've just finished watching an amazing DVD that touched me profoundly. It was the first video in new series about trauma and PTSD, produced by my colleagues, EFT Master Carol Look, and Filmmaker, Eric Huurre. They have created an incredible work of "Art" with this DVD series. In separately recorded commentary, Carol Look guides us through the traumas and healing miracles with Vietnam Veteran, Art Fritog and his wife (also a Carole.) While the whole family struggled to survive Art's PTSD, his wife, Carole, actually experienced many of his PTSD symptoms; headaches, insomnia, stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, fear and more. This is not uncommon amongst family members of trauma victims.

Eric Huurre has pulled the Fritog's riveting saga from over 300 hours of footage taken during and after the filming of the documentary, "Operation Emotional Freedom; The Answer". He has also provided some short-clips of Art, Carole and their children to give us a glimpse of this captivating DVD set. Each clip is only a minute or so long, so I hope you take a few moments to watch them.

Click on the video link below first, to see what they were like before:


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Clips showing the family after the three-day program:
The importance of EFT to this family
What life is like now
The transformation still in place as time passes


I was enthralled from the beginning with the quality and substance of these DVDs. I met and worked with both Art and Carole during the making of the original documentary but was mesmerized by the additional details, tragedies and miracles revealed in this DVD set. The vulnerability and bravery of the Fritog family, transitioning from the nightmares of PTSD to an extraordinary healing in a matter of days, is truly remarkable.


If you or a loved one has experienced the effects of trauma; insomnia, depression, substance abuse, anger, guilt, shame, anxiety and more, then you should see this program.


The work in this documentary footage is supported by psychiatrists, neurologists, scientists and other trauma experts. What is so unique about this series is the teaching tool into which that Carol Look has made it . This library of videos can help anyone understand and overcome the devastating effects of trauma. Read more about, or order, this amazing program

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Hot Flash 2: We're almost ready to announce our Pro EFT Practitioners Intensive for 2011. So mark it on your calendar now. March 18th-26th. Experience Zero-to-100 learning in nine, power-packed days of EFT training, practice and clearing. If you are new to tapping, the Practitioners Intensive is a unique way to immerse yourself in EFT and Pro EFT in a safe, supportive, environment. And, if you're already a pro at tapping you'll be astonished by the additional insights and techniques you'll learn. Read about it at and even pre-register if you want to hold one of 25 spots that will be available. I'll open up the official registration in the next few days.


? FAQs: ?

Q.Do I need to say the words out load when I tap? Ethan, in Austin
A. No. You can repeat the phrases silently to yourself. However, there is a linguistic connection to the brain that is stimulated when you make your statements audibly. That said, there are times when speaking out loud is not appropriate (church, theatres, school, etc.) so saying the phrases to yourself is fine. In some places people talk to themselves all the time and no one notices. :-)


Q. I can't always give a number to my emotions, so how can I tell when I'm really done? Heather, Reno, NV
. You don't have to have an intensity rating to work on an issue, nor to resolve it. However, it helps. For instance, some people aren't really sure what exactly they are tapping on until the try to assign an intensity. So how can they be sure they are cleared? As you try to get a SUDs level (charge or intensity) ask yourself "What is this number actually measuring? For instance, on a weight issue you might get an intensity on each of the following topics

  • What is the anger and disappointment in myself for this weight problem?
  • How strong is the shame or guilt about my weight?
  • How high is embarrassment or frustration of having tried and failed before?
  • What is the intensity on the fear of giving up foods I love, or having to exercise all day?
  • How strong are my fears and beliefs about weight; that nothing has worked, so why try, fear of failing again, the belief that it will be SO hard, the fear that I won't be safe, fear I'll be judged, etc?


If it's a trauma, anger at someone, pain or other measure issue, just guess at what your number would be if you allowed yourself to get upset, or if the intensity was at it's greatest. Nine times out of 10 you'll be right.

You may have to tap on each separate aspect of an issue to resolve it completely.* THEN, when if feels like you're at a zero, test yourself to make sure. Ways to test vary, but one of the most effective ways to test is to try to get upset or re-charged about the issue (or aspect of the issue.) If there's still something there, or a different aspect that shows, such as sadness or the realization that your anger also involves resentment, betrayal or jealousy, then you need to tap away those aspects as well.

*For more experienced tappers, read and try my e-book on Bundling Baggage.


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