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First I would like to offer my heartfelt sympathy to the families of those who were slain in the unimaginable tragedy in Connecticut last week. If you're wanting to do something, but feel helpless, choose instead to tap for the survivors. If, like me, you're having trouble coping with it, doing something will help...them and you.

Simply tap on yourself and talk to the survivors and families as if you were speaking with a friend; extending your love and sympathy. Tell them you support their courage and appreciate their strength. Vocalize your own feelings and compassion, while assuring them that it will eventually get better.

You can't do it just express what you want to say from your heart. That's much better than me providing you with a script. Know that you will be helping these people who need all the support you can give, and that you are making a difference.


Hot Flash 1
: If you missed my interview on the "Live Your Life Without Limits" program today, you still have about 48 hours left to listen in at this link Ironically, this was the second interview in two weeks where the host went in a different direction than planned and we ended up doing the "Tower of Shame" instead of Limiting Beliefs. It was very powerful, actually. I made both interviewers cry. Yikes, I didn't MEAN to! Please listen to this interesting interview and tap along with us. No charge of course, but you only have until 9pm PT Wednesday to listen (sorry, but it's not within my control to extend.) Here's the link again:



BTRHot Flash 2: Join me, this Thursday on my EFT Radio show on Resolutions. I'll be demonstrating a non-traditional way to make Resolutions that really works.

I know we still have a couple of weeks until the end of the year. But I promise you will hear something you can apply now to use during the holidays.

We'll be on live at 10am Pacific time (1pm Eastern) but you can listen to the recording any time at the same link or at Here's the online login:

Or, call on this number to listen via your phone 347-215-6833. That way you can talk to me live or ask questions.


Please take care of yourselves and loved ones over the holidays.
And for Pete's sake, and for the sake of your loved ones,
please don't drink and drive. Hand your keys to
someone sober ... or call a cab. Really.



Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master





Upcoming 2013 Pro EFT™ Workshops and Virtual Events
Our 2013 Events calendar will be published soon. I'm taking a break until the first of the year!


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