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One Big Hot Flash
and two reminders

Hot Flash! Matrix Reimprinting creator, Karl Dawson, will be my guest on this week's KarlDawsonPro EFT Radio show!

Whether you're familiar with Matrix Reimprinting, or not, I think you'll find Karl captivating in this interview. Matrix Reimprinting is such an innovative and fascinating process. It's truly cutting-edge and can take you places you've never been.

I took my first Matrix class last year and found it personally very powerful. I was able to change the memory of issues I thought had been handled. In this extended interview, I'll volunteer to have Karl help me handle the death of my dad, when I was 14. Oy-Vey! I believe in Matrix Reimprinting so much that I've become a Trainer (as well as EFT, of course.") Be sure to catch this interview with Karl.

Log on to www.ProEFTRadio.com
Sept. 14th, at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific
or call in at 760 683-2626

Replays always available after the show at


Reminder 1:
If you know someone who suffers with pain, of any kind; chronic, acute, cyclical or otherwise,
please forward this link to them:



The Pain Relief World Summit is a F*R*E*E, live, internet event. Learn how to eradicate your aches and pains with EFT and Pro EFT. You can do it yourself! I'll be one of the guest speakers, showing you how to use my "Cone of Shame" to release pain.

The Event starts next month, but please encourage your friends and family to register now.
And again, this
10-day event is f*ree!


Reminder 2: NickO

If you missed Nick Ortner's recording from last week, find it here:


It's worth the listen :-)


Good Luck and Good Tapping,


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  • October 14-16th - Phoenix, AZ : Tap Away Weight
  • October 28th - 30th Ultimate Practitioners Workshop™(Level 3, SFO)
  • November 4-6th EFT / Pro EFT Certification Assessment Program
    This program will certify practitioners for EFT, Pro EFT*, MTT and AAMET. You can't beat it! (* Pro EFT certification is only for those who have completed our Pro EFT Level 3 Workshop.) We will, however, certify Basic EFT and MTT practitioners during this assessment program, provided you meet the other requirements from AAMET.
  • Dec. 2nd and 3rd, Tapping 4 Abundance (a Level 2 Equivalent Course,) San Francisco Bay Area. Followed by...
  • Matrix Reimprinting, Dec. 4th and 5th. Available now for registration! Register for either at www.Tapping4Abundance.com



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