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Two Hot Flashes and a Reminder

LindsayHot Flash 1: My interview on the Tapping World Summit will be broadcast starting Sunday, the 10th at 5 pm, Pacific Time.

If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late. Here's the link:

The recording will run for 24 hours, so you can listen anytime from anywhere, until 5pm Monday, the 11th. You better not miss it, because there will be a quiz later. :-) The topic is Tapping Away Clutter, but I'm betting you will hear some things that apply to other issues you might have. Procrastination, Clutter, Addictions, Weight Issues and other common "stuck issues" have a lot in common. So you can deal with them in similar ways with tapping. At least we do, with Pro EFT.

So listen in and learn how to handle YOUR stuff. And if you like the interview, or others your hear during the Summit, please let the people at the Summit know.
I want to make sure they keep having us back!

And remember it's FRisbEE!


Hot Flash 2: The incomparable Dr. Iyanla Vanzant is my guest this week on EFIyanlaT Radio Online.
Look, I may not be the best interviewer in the world (or even on my block, frankly,) but I've been lucky enough to attract some Fabulous guests. And Iyanla is probably THE best guest I've even interviewed. She's funny, insightful, warm, brutally honest and absolutely full of wisdom and extraordinary advice.

Iyanla has lived through hell and back. Her alcoholic mother died when Iyanla was only 2, so she was raised by her grandmother and absentee father. She was poor, sexually abused, put down, let down, abandoned and lost.

Yet in spite of her personal tragedies, Iyanla dug herself out of the ditch (with the help of EFT) and became an attorney, a best-selling author, minister, motivational speaker and TV host. Now she has her own TV show on the OWN network (starting again in April.) She's truly an incredible woman!!! Now, wouldn't you like to hear what she has to say about love, life and success?

Then mark your calendar for, Feb. 14th, at 10am PT, 1 ET Just click on this link Listen to the Iyanla Vanzant Interview If you miss us at the scheduled time you can listen later... anytime, using that same link. Get your pens and paper ready...or warm up your keyboard. I promise you you'll want to take notes. This is really a FABULOUS interview by Iyanla.



btrReminder: If you missed the special radio program I did with Nick Ortner this week, you can listen to that recording anytime as well. (click on the icon to the left)

Nick talks openly about what's going on in his home town of Newton Connecticut.. He tells a heart-warming story about a 12-year boy who lost his little brother in the Sandy Hook tragedy in December. It’s a touching story; involving tapping, compassion and around the world connections. And again, you can listen to that anytime, at no cost. Here's the link.


Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master



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