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Three Hot flashes
and a Reminder


Hot Flash 1: I want to invite you to join me tomorrow morning, April 11, for my radio show about "Tapping Away Shame about You Who Are." That is... feeling guilty about circumstances that aren't your fault.

All of us, and I mean everyone on the planet, carries around guilt and shame about inappropriate things they’ve said, written and done;
for mistakes, failures, indiscretions, faux pas  and more. The bad decisions we make in life often disappoint people who care about us and erodes our self-respect. I deal with that in Part 1 of my Tower of Shame Process (see Hot Flash #3.).

But that's NOT what this show is about, however. It's not about the kind of guilt and shame where you make a bad choice.  It’s about being ashamed of Who You ARE... or what you look or sound like. It's about being ashamed of things that aren't of your choosing, like;

  • the color of your skin or hair
  • your religion or country of origin
  • your accent, height, weight or physical appearance
  • your speech or hearing impediments
  • your family members or financial situation
  • physical disfigurements, disabilities or challenges
  • being born with, or acquiring any condition or circumstance that you are ashamed of.

If you are anyone you know is dealing with even moderate shame or guilt about things that really aren't their fault, please have them tune in to this show. Or if you can't join us live at 10a.m. PT, then listen to the recording at this link: (Use this link to join the show online as well.)

This will be a live show, so call in with this number if you have any questions 347-215-6833, or want to work with me on a personal shame or guilt issue on the air. (You can use a fake name if you'd like.) We hope you join us and tap along so you can release any shame, guilt, or pain around issues which aren't your fault.



Hot Flash 2: Nick Ortner's book, "The Tapping Solution" took a backseat in the Tapping World this week! Oh, the book has been a big success so far, alright. But, the big news, in you haven't already heard, is that Nick was interviewed on the Dr. Oz show this week! It will be aired next Monday, Nickon April 15th. So check your local listings for the Dr. Oz Show and .be sure to watch it live or tape it.

There are some other good tapping news coming our way, which I can share soon and can barely wait. In the meantime, if you haven't grabbed a copy of Nick's book yet, do it now to pump the rankings on Amazon and to help spread the world. Click on Nick and Dr. Oz's picture or use this link to order it...


Hot Flash 3: Remember Cindy Kubica and her "Conscious Co-Create" Program? Well she will be interviewing me live on using the Tower of Shame next Monday, the 15th on her show. I'll be describing and demonstrating Part 1 of the Tower of Shame...(the counterpart to my radio show this week; which is part 2.)

You can participate at no cost on my call and in the entire program, with 27 experts in Energy Psychology. S
imply register to receive access to these life-transforming live interviews at ....




Reminder 1 : You can still participate our Pro EFT Home Training Course for Tapping. Learn how to move past your obstacles, get unstuck, tap away your pain deal with your "Subconscious Resistance to Change". Clean up your life and get yourself on track. Simply purchase the video recordings and participate as if you had been there with us live. It was a great class and I'm SO glad you can join us via video or audio. Read more and get ready to transform your life and your tapping experience





Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master



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