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One Proud Announcement and
2 Hot Flashes


Proud Announcement: I'm so happy and proud to announce the first six of our new Pro EFT Masters.

To earn this title, these excellent practitioners had to jump through a lot of hoops. Here are just some of the things they had to do:

  • They had to successfully complete the Pro EFT™ Levels 1, 2 and 3, workshops and passed the final exams for each.
  • Their next step, after a year or three of practicing EFT, was to complete a 3-day Certification Assessment Program and endure an even more difficult written exam and live proficiency testing.
  • They then had to invest at least 3 years perfecting their Pro EFT™ skills as a Practitioner and accumulate 300 hundred client-session hours.
  • Only then could they apply (via another exam and application) to get into the Master's Program.
  • Then, if that wasn't enough, they all had to survive a rigorous 5-day Pro EFT™ Masters Proficiency Assessment Program. The program entailed successfully passing two, lengthy written exams, which incorporated case studies and essay questions.
  • They were also evaluated by me and other experts, multiple times, while working on difficult issues with real clients and each other...while being observed.
  • They had to hear feedback and critiquing that wasn't always easy to endure. But they listened, improved, honed theiry skills and excelled!

    So they have definitely earned the title of Pro EFT™ Master! And I am very proud of them and their well-deserved title and accomplishments.

Please help me in acknowledging and congratulating them.

Harry Pickens, Pro EFT™ Master
Harry is a world-class jazz pianist, experienced educator, performance coach and lifelong learner. He believes EFT can change the world.

Lindsay's comments: Harry is also a gentle giant, at 6'9". He has a great sense of humor and warmth and is an innovative, intuitive practitioner. Everyone loves Harry. He currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, but conducts sessions by phone or Skype around the world.

Email Harry at


Joanne Harvey
, Pro EFT™ Master 

Joanne Harvey Licensed Medical Social Worker and a loving, compassionate, enterprising woman. She focuses on reducing suffering and providing inspiration.

Lindsay's comments: Joanne, is smart, intuitive, down-to-earth and caring. To meet her is to love her. Joanne lives with her husband, Jim, dogs, cats and a variety of livestock on their farm in Northern California.

Email Joann by email at or visit her website at



Elizabeth Mandzuk, Pro EFT™ Master
Elizabeth is the mother of four and lives with her husband, Roland, and special-needs daughter in Kambalda, Western Australia. She says "I’m a Pro EFT Master, which is my one and only claim to fame.  And no, I've never seen a kangaroo!" 

LK comments: Elizabeth has a wonderful sense of humor...and mischief. She's survived a world of hardship but has always gotten through it with Tapping. Elizabeth has also made several trips to the US to complete her Pro EFT™ trainings. And for complete transparency, Elizabeth is one of my 10 favorite people on the planet. However, that doesn't mean I cut he any slack during her testing or evaluations!

Email Elizabeth at or visit her website at



Norah Sweetman
Norah is a gifted and intuitive practitioner from Dublin, Ireland. She has now made three trips to the US to complete her Practitioner Intensive trainings, certification and now the Pro EFT™ Masters Program.

LK comments: Norah is gentle, sweet, intelligent and a compassionate healer. Like Harry, she's studied many other healing modalities and is clearly committed to helping others.

Email Norah at



Michelle Hughes 
Besides being a top-notch EFT practitioner, Michelle is also a wife and mom and a professional mountaineering guide in rural County Galway, Ireland.

LK comments: Michelle has an engaging laugh and personality, along with a strong commitment to helping others. Like Norah, her "spiritual sister," she too has traveled to the US three times for training and advancement in Pro EFT™. And it's certainly paid off for her as one of the first crop of Pro EFT™ Masters.

Email Michelle at:



Kiya Immergluck, Ph.D.  

Dr. Kiya Immergluck is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor as well as an accomplished EFT and Pro EFT™ Coach.  She has supported people to become stress-free for more than 30 years. 

LK comments: Kiya has a raucous sense of humor and luminous personality. She's compassionate, intelligent and caring. Like all of our candidates, Kiya worked very hard for this title and has earned it.

Email Kiya at: or call her @ 773-880-5492 Visit her online at:


Hot Flash 1: We had a fabulous Level 1 Training this past weekend, via a live Webclass. And the good news for you is that YOU can still participate! Just watch or listen to recordings, do the homework and tap along with us. In fact, about half of the class already opted to do that, going through the recordings on their own time. After doing at least the first two modules you can choose a Tapping Buddy to practice with from among the other participants.

Once you've passed the written test for each module, you can join us for the Innovative Intermediate Tapping (Level 2), April 6th. Don't miss out on this once-every-3-years opportunity. Read more and get immediate access now at



Hot Flash 2: Join Zoe Walton, my former co-trainer and Pro EFT™Certified Practitioner, and Pro EFT™ Practitioner Valerie Ozsu, for their Level 1 Workshop in Vacaville, CA. Call Valerie at 707-474-9670 for more information, or register at:





Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master




Upcoming Workshops and Events
Live or Virtual

March 16-17th - Basics and Beyond Webclass (Level 1) AND April 6-7th -    Pro EFT™ Innovative, Intermediate Tapping Webclasses (Level 2) These are live, virtual events, saving you a lot of time and travel money. You can participate via your computer or mobile device at home or in your office. You can even "phone it in." Or, if you can't make the live sessions you can watch the video recordings afterwards, Read more and register @ or

April 13th, Pro EFT Level 1 Workshop, with Valerie Ozsu, NP, and Zoe Walton, L.Ac. Both Certified Pro EFT™ Trainers and Practitioners. Vacaville, CA  Call 707-474-9670 for more information, or register at:

May 31- June 3rd Pro EFT, 4-Day Practitioners Intensive Workshop. Read more and register now @

Pro EFT™ Level 1 and 2 Workshops June 28-30th - with Zoe Walton, L.Ac. and Lynn Robinson, both certified Pro EFT™ Practitioners and Trainers. San Francisco Bay Area. Find out more and register at


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