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3 Hot Flashes and a Reminder

Hot Flash 1 - You guys are awesome! I received SO much great feedback about our 1-11-11 sale. You liked the products and loved the prices. Soooooo, I've decided to extend it! Everything is still 60-90% off until NOVEMBER 11th (That's 11-11-11 if you didn't notice.) Doesn't that make sense? Here's the magic link:

Hot Flash 2 - Hot off the presses; I've created a new two-part PowerPoint video "Tap Away Indecision". The title is fairly descriptive, but in case you have doubts, it's about getting rid of the causes for indecisiveness, and tapping in certainty. I'm going to charge $33 (a bargain) when I release it at the end of the month. However, until then, it's going into my "11-11-11 Sale".

So here's the deal: You do need to do both segments of this 2-part series to solve any indecision issues. But I'm going to give you the first one f*ree. Then if you want to continue with your decisiveness recovery, the second one it's only $11 (for the next 11 days.) I like staying with themes, especially when it means affordability for you. Read more about what this includes 2-part video on Being Decisive

BTW, Practitioners: this indecision material would be good information for you to know for your practice

Hot Flash 3 - Our new Blog Talk Radio show, ProEFT, starts Wednesday, the 19th: 9pm EST, (6pm PST)

My first guest is Sebastiaan van der Schrier, personal Pro EFT coach. Sebastiaan is a fascinating guy and an expert on Social Anxiety. He will be giving you tapping tips on self-esteem building. No need to register, just log in a couple of minutes before show time (9pm EST) at Feel free to call in or e-mail us with questions too. If you can't join us live you'll be able to access the recordings on the archives page afterwards.

Reminder 1: If you could use some help with tapping...and who couldn't, remember check out our new Tapping Buddies Program We have beginners and experts in basic EFT and Pro EFT, all volunteering to help each other. Just like you, they want to tap with others for practice and for personal growth. Join them at


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Level 1 and 2; March 18-20th

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Q. Since graduating college last Spring I've had trouble making decisions. Everything seems like a big deal, especially whether or not to go to grad school this fall. My mom suggested that I write you to see if EFT could help me with this. I would appreciate any ideas. Chloe V., Duluth, GA

A. Thank you for your timely question, Chloe. You are the one who inspired this week's special program on "Tapping Away Indecision". It should answer your question and then some. I've sent you a complimentary copy of the video series.

Good Luck, Happy 2011 and Good Tapping,


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