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Happy New Year to everyone! We're not even 2 weeks into the new decade and already things are jumping. So I want to keep this short and sweet for you. There are only two Hot Flashes, and the first is a gift of my new "Power of 10s" Series.


Hot Flash 1 - Simple things can make a big difference in your life. And when you multiply those by 10, magic starts to happen. In 2010, and every year in every decade, we each have many opportunities to make a difference. But we often miss them because they seem so small. We might wait for that BIG thing to happen and miss the little things right in front of us that could be significant. So my contribution, right in front of you, is a little gift...that could be priceless. It's the first of my"10 Tips For a Brighter Life"series.


Read the article, follow the suggestions and see what changes for you. To make it really easy I've set up a special page on my website for you: Follow this link and download the first of 10 tips that can brighten and change your life ...and that of others. Then save the link for future reference. Because every 10 days, for 10 times , I'll be sending you one of my 10 tips. If you follow them I promise your life will brighten, maybe by the power of 10s. This may be grammatically incorrect, but "how can it not?"


It's been said, wisely, that for things to change, things have to change. You need to do something different to get a different result. And I've created 10 x 10 ways to do that. Download the first of these free "10 Tips For a Brighter Life" with 10 suggestions for 10 days. It includes some inspiring little of which extraordinarily brightened my life forever! Here's the link again. There's a link there also to e-mail me with your success stories. I'd love to share them with others to inspire them to do this process. It's been working for me, for years!


I adore you all and am so grateful for your support and kind words! Thank you for reading this newsletter and my articles, buying my products, listening to my audios and coming to our workshops. That allows me to give things away like this that require a lot of time, but can have a big impact. That in turn allows me to share tapping with others, as I hope you do too. And with that, please feel free to share this "Power of 10s" link with others, as well as the entire series to come. It will always be posted on this link at no cost to you.


Hot Flash 2: You have probably heard by now that Gary Craig, Founder of EFT is retiring March 1st. Certainly his presence will be missed, along with his content-rich website. However, because he has done a great job in giving EFT to the world there will be many people, websites and groups that will try to fill the void and keep EFT out there and updated for all to use. It's already happening. Tapping is too big and too good to go away. So stay tuned for updates as they happen.


Reminder: My Tapping "Basics and Beyond" Web-classes begin on the 18th. As the name implies, we'll be going beyond the basics of tapping, teaching several of our signature techniques; the Golden Gate Technique, Progressive Tapping, Reversal Neutralization, Muscle Testing and much more. I promise you'll learn things in this class that you don't know. And we have fun. It's an important step if you want to use tapping safely effectively for yourself, or on others. There's nothing like a live class to get your questions answered and to practice. To find out much more about this course and the Level 2, "Innovative, Intermediate Tapping" following in February, please visit our website at


Good luck and Good tapping, :-)


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