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2 Hot Flash Quickies


Hot Flash 1 - Extra, extra, read all about it: The Matrix Reimprinting workshop is next week in San Francisco! AND, I just got the word that I can pass on my affiliate fee to you as a $50 discount! My friend and colleague, Karin Davidson, founder of AMTT, and certified Matrix trainer, will be the facilitator.


Matrix Reimprinting is a great process to re-pattern traumas and let go of the past. It compliments and builds on other EFT techniques I teach or that you've learned. That's why I'm going to be there! Read more about Matrix Reimprinting and register at Matrix Reimprinting. To get your $50 discount, enter this code: Matrix50 at check out.


Hot Flash 2:Project "Tapping for Teens" needs more participants. I'm hoping you will support this F*R*E*E program by telling your teenagers, their parents or schools about it. Teenagers have so many more challenges than we faced as kids. And we know tapping can REALLY help assuage the fear,anxiety and stress of those 'hormonal" years. Send your candidates directly to And thank you for helping us promote this program.


We also need more participants in two of our other no-cost service projects...with self-explanatory names: Project Peaceful Pregnancy and Project Womens Health Please read about the projects and support them by participating or sending someone to participate. Again there is NO fee!



Read about and register for our Level 3 Ultimate Practitioners Workshop Oct. 29-31in San Francisco.

Or take our new Level 1 and 2 Webinar/Teleclass starting Oct. 18th!



Q. Q. Why is it important to know my SUDs level and what does SUDs stand for?

A. Go directly to the answer on my FAQ's page

Q. What if I don't know my SUDs level?

A. Go directly to the answer on my FAQs page


In case you missed it in my last newsletter, here's a Freebie for you: My e-book on "12 Tips for more Effective Tapping". Then watch the freebie on Reversals: Hot Flash

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PS Read about our service projects at

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