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Hot Flash 1: Be sure to listen to our radio broadcast brendanWednesday night (June 8th) on I'm doing a rare 2-part, "co-hosted" series with the delightful Brendan Neff-Hall, Pro EFT Practitioner.


We'll be speaking with psychologist, Dr. Tom Arbaugh about the affects of gay bashing on young men and women. This is a critical, and timely piece for young people who are challenged by being gay and for their parents and loved ones.


If you or someone you love finds it difficult to be Gay, please listen in our these important broadcasts, this week and next Wednesday. 9pm EDT, 6pm PDT. Next week, Brendan and I will be talking with a newly-outed gay man, "Danny". He is so fortunate to have loving, accepting parents and friends. Acceptance and love for all human beings is important...but even more so for your own family.

Join us online at


Join us online at or phone in at 760-683-2626. 9pm EDT, (6pm PDT.) The phone lines are limited but the internet connections are wide open. You can also listen to this week's recording, or next's, or past week's at


Hot Flash 2: Our "Tapping 4 Abundance" (Dec. 2-3rd) and Matrix Reimprinting Workshops (Dec. 4-5th) are now open for registration. Read much more about them at


Reminder 1: Remember to tell soldiers you love about our "Taffy" Williams Military Service Scholarship."

From now until the US is out of Iraq and Afghanistan, all active military service men and women will receive a 50% scholarship on ALL Pro EFT Workshops! (including soldiers who have been discharged within the past six months)

Please send them to the above link to read the announcement
or to our workshops page


Reminder 2: Our Practitioners Mentoring Webinar Program starts next Monday, June 13th. If you're a Level 3 graduate don't miss this 10-part series! Even if you are not experienced with Pro EFT, we'll provide a way for you to get up-to-speed quickly and affordably. Mentoring is mandatory for AAMET EFT Certification, making this is a great opportunity to fulfill that requirement while expanding your existing skills and knowledge. Read more about it and register now at:

Space is very limited in these live webinars, so it's first come first served. Also, you must register by June 10th to attend


Reminder 3: If you missed last week's program, please listen to the recording of Valerie Ozsu, Nurse Practitioner and Director of the Natural Health and Wellness Center in Vacaville, CA. Valerie is an exceptional nutrition health facilitator and Certified as both a Pro EFT Practitioner and AAMET Trainer. You'll want to take notes on the important issues she shares about women's health.


Join us online at or phone in at 760-683-2626. 9pm EDT, (6pm PDT.) The phone lines are limited but the internet connections are wide open. You can also listen to this recording, next week's, or past recordings at



Upcoming Pro EFT workshops:
Note: Our Phoenix course, Oct. 14-16th will be another
"Tap Away Weight" Clinic. Check it out!

Register for both or either at

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