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There's already a lot going on in 2013!

Hot Flash 1
: It's almost time for the 5th Tapping World Summit! What is really cool is that the producers, Nick, Alex, and Jessica Ortner, are kicking of a Pre-Summit Launch with a series of wonderful FRisbEE videos. That will help us get us ready for the main event next month. The first video, available now, is with Louise Hay, 85-year old author of "You Can Heal Your Life". Over Fifty million copies of this book has been sold worldwide, earning Louise Hay the title of "The Queen of Affirmations". Hear what this extraordinary lady says about Tapping and life during this rare video interview:

LouiseHayDuring the video, Louise shares her personal experience with Tapping with Nick. You will learn Louise's secrets for using Tapping for forgiveness, love and self-acceptance in your life. A few minutes into the interview, Louise talks about why we should look at the truth of what's going on in our lives now. What she says is a profound and eye-opening explanation on the topic of positive focus vs. negative focus when Tapping.

The last 10 minutes are especially powerful as Louise herself takes you through a meditative Tapping process that brings her to tears of happiness. It's a great interview that you won't want to miss. And it's "FRisbEE"! so watch it now at this link:

If you're new to tapping or the Tapping World Summit, you'll be pleased to know that this video and the entire Tapping World Summit is a "FRisbEE" event. It's 10 days of 24-hour replays from top experts in Tapping and Energy Psychology.

We'll tell you more about that when the Summit is open for registration. But as a sneak preview, here are just some of the amazing line-up of guests....including Louise Hay: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joseph Mercola and dozens more....even Lindsay Kenny! :-)

More about the Summit and how to register later. For now, just watch this terrific video with Louise Hay.



BTRHot Flash 2: Join me, this Thursday at 10am PT, for my EFT Radio Online show on Self-Sabotage. It's such a heart-breaker to those who are prone to it. And I used to be. I stabbed myself in the back so many times I was leaking! There are reasons for this all-too-common problem and a fairly easy Tapping solution, as you might have guessed.

If you can't make it live at 10am on Thursday (such an unreasonable hour, isn't it?) you can listen to the recording any time at the same link or from my media page at
Here's the online login:

You can also call in to listen or to ask questions on this number 347-215-6833. I need someone to work with me on this, so let me know by email if you're interested in being my tapping partner for this!



Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master




* "FRisbEE" is our little euphemism for "no cost" or "complimentary," gift, etc. Spelling out the FR and EE would mean your spam filters would keep you from getting this. So instead of spelling it fr*e-e we make it FRisbEE, which is more fun. Now you know. Back to where you left off.

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