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Just 1 Thing

Hot Flash 1: If you're into the Law of Attraction, then you'll love this. "Mind Movies", a great visualization tool, is about to launch their newest program. With it they are featuring some terrific material up front. The first two are f*ree videos from two well-known masters of manifesting; Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle. If you watched "The Secret" documentary then you'll know who they are. Check it out...

I'm a big proponent in using EFT for attracting what you want to get rid of and what you want to attract in life. What the two Bobs (Proctor and Doyle) have to add is how powerful visualization is to manifesting your dreams. Think about it, EFT, Visualization and the Law of Attraction; an incomparable trio! And Mind Movies makes it simple easy to incorporate these three phenomena. I know you're busy, so I'd rather you invest your time in watching these two videos, than reading why you should do it. They are F*R*E*E and you'll want to hear what they have to say. Find them here...


Upcoming Pro EFT workshops:

  • May 20-22nd Train the Trainers (For those who want to be an EFT Facilitator)
    in San Francisco

  • September 9th- 11th- Level 1 and 2, with Law of Attraction focus
    Location: San Francisco Bay Area Read more and register at                                                                   

    October 14-16th, Level 1 and 2, with Law of Attraction focus
    Location, Phoenix, AZ

    October 28th - 30th Ultimate Practitioners Workshop / Level 3
    Location: Acqua Hotel, Mill Valley, CA

    Good Luck, Happy 2011 and Good Tapping,


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