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Hot Flash 1 - If you missed the live show, I invite you to listen in to the recorded version of my radio broadcast on "Dealing with Stress and Anxiety", hosted by Success Coach, Kate Beeders . The interview, broadcast from Boston's WBNW, AM/FM, station, focuses on tapping to neutralize stress in our lives. I begin with a short explanation of how and why the energy system plays such an integral role in our physical health. I also unveil some little known secrets to stress and how to neutralize its affects. You can listen to the recording until October 5th at this link:

Hot Flash 2 - There's still time to register for our live Level 1 and 2 Workshops (including Law of Attraction sessions.) It's this weekend, Sept. 25-27 (in the San Francisco Bay area.) Follow this link for more information and to register;


Hot Flash Quick-Tip: Create the habit of immediately changing negative thoughts into positive ones. Negative thoughts feel crummy anyway and just brings you more of what you don't want. For instance, instead of saying to yourself (or others) "This is going to be SO hard!" change that into, "I choose to make this easy!" Or convert "I have so much to do that I'm overwhelmed" into "I choose to have more than enough time!" Even if it doesn't feel true to you, say it anyway, Positive thoughts change you energy and "vibration". More importantly positive thinking creates beneficial results.


So instead of saying "That will never work" say "I allow it to work." Instead of thinking "I'm going to hate this event (or those people, or my assignment or that guy,) say "I choose to find the good news about this (or them) and enjoy it. I choose to either learn a valuable lesson or have to fun."


There are probably more books written on "positive thinking" than any other, and for good reason; we keep forgetting the value and power of thoughts. So this is just a reminder of what you already know. Most people be live that negative events cause negative thinking. But it's most often the other way around. Check into your thoughts now. If you're thinking this won't work, it WON'T. Change your mind and allow it to work.


When your thoughts are negative you're creating negative energy and events around yourself. So stop that, silly rabbit. I know it can be hard to think positively when you're down (I've been there many times.) But you CAN retrain yourself to "change your mind". And by redirecting your thoughts to what you want, instead of what you don't like, you can change your results and your life. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so just do it. Tap on any resistance you might feel about this suggestion any limiting beliefs you might have. :-)


Good luck and Good tapping, :-)


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