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"Peace from Broken Pieces"
Iyanla Vanzant


Hot Flash 1: Can you believe Oprah and Pro EFT Radio have the same guest in the same day? It's true! By shear coincidence my guest tomorrow night (9pm EST) is the beautiful, charismatic, Personal Development Master, Iyanla Vanzant. She is warming up for our show by being on The Oprah Show, tomorrow afternoon, Feb. 16th (check your local listings!)

Iyanla is a friend, colleague and former Pro EFT Level 3 graduate. She's also an author, having just published her new book from Hay House "Peace from Broken Pieces". Iya, as I call her, happens to be truly one of my favorite people on the planet!

Iyanla was formerly a frequent guest on Oprah years ago (appearing with Dr. Phil and Suzy Orman,) before a misunderstanding came between Oprah and Iyanla. Find out what happened on tomorrow's Oprah show and why Iya is the only person to be featured twice on Oprah this final season (she'll be on Oprah next Wednesday as well.) So check your local listings, or program your TiVo for the 16th and the 23rd.

More importantly (ha,) listen in tomorrow night on as this engaging, talented, speaker talks about personal growth and making miracles happen. I know she'll be swamped with emails and phone calls on Thursday ... and some of them might even come from Oprah viewers. :-) but YOU can ask Iyanla questions LIVE on our show... eat you heart out, Oprah. :-)

One minute into the show you'll understand why she's one of my favorite people and why Oprah has big things planned for Iyanla. Read more about her on my site at

If you can't join us live, listen to replays of any or all of our past guests at



Q. I’m a little confused about what to tap on. If I’m working on a disturbing event, like being in a car accident last month, do I tap on the emotions (guilt, fear, shock, sadness,) or should I be tapping on the trauma of the event itself? Can you give some suggestions as to what to say? Lee L., Oakland, CA

A. Most traumatic or intense events evoke emotions of course, and they need to be tapped on. I find that it's often more gentle and effective to tap on the trauma of an event first, before getting into the emotions. If the emotions are introduced too soon, it is more likely to experience a higher spike in the emotions than necessary The set-up might be “Even though I’m still traumatized by the car accident last month, I’m grateful that I survived unharmed.” (or use whatever words are accurate for your event.)

When the intensity on the trauma is lower (a 5 or so,) then you can introduce the emotions, i.e. “Even though the trauma is going down for the accident, I’m still feeling the guilt, fear and sadness from it." . I’m one that believes you do NOT have to get in touch with emotions or events to clear them. Your energy-body knows what's going on and how high the charge is. You don’t need to re-traumatize yourself or your client to neutralize it. And, when the trauma intensity is decreased, the emotions often dissipate on their own.


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