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Hot Flash 1 - It's time for the next installment of my Power of 10s "10 Tips to Brighten Your Life". This article will show you, step by step, how to "Tap Away Anger". In doing research for this article I couldn't help but notice the similarity of health risks that anger shares with stress. Anger is right up there in health hazards with obesity and smoking. And it's so easily fixable.


Use this F*ree article and the accompanying Tap-Along audio to help you neutralize YOUR anger. Find them at Tip 4 at


Hot Flash 2 - The the "Ultimate Personal Transformation Program" (UPTP) that I launched earlier this month has been a great success. This unique program is a 10-week, 10-session, 10-bonus package, limited to 10 participants. And it's done from the comfort of your home or office. The UPTP is designed to blow through a lifetime of issues in a short period of time. The good news is I still have an opening for YOU! There are three options for how you can participate ...which include up to a thousand dollars of bonuses. Really.


Go to
to see if this Program is right for you.

While there, read some of the testimonials about this program.


Hot Flash 3- I'm really happy to announce our new "Ultimate Facilitators Webinar and Workshop" The "Virtual" online portion will begin in July with the live workshop happening August 27th - 29th in San Francisco.


This multi-part, multi-media course was created for those of you who want to teach EFT or MTT to any level. There is a "right" way to do it. There's SO much more to being a great facilitator than just being in front of the room.


Take advantage of my 28 years of "front-of-the-room" experience. Learn from my failures and benefit from my successes (having fun while doing it.) I promise you won't regret this experience. In fact, if you complete this course and don't feel you got your money's worth, I'll refund it! Really.


I'm even offering an optional training certification if you qualify.
Read about the Ultimate Facilitators program at this link...

Space will be limited, so grab your place now!


Good luck and Good tapping, :-)

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