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Three Quick, Important Hot Flashes
(in chronological order)


Hot Flash 1: The 2013 Tapping World Summit starts tomorrow, the 4th! So start listening and learning at 5:00 pm PT. There will be two FRisbEE interviews each day, presented by 20 EFT experts, on a kaleidoscope of topics. Register now so you don't miss a single session this once-a-year event!

Register at this link and share it with others:

Just by registering you can listen to any of the speakers's recordings at any time within the 24- hour window it's available. (I'm on day 7, btw, teaching you how to eliminate of clutter.) Ha, as if you have any!
And remember, the entire Summit is FRisbEE.

If you prefer to listen at a your convenience or have these exclusive audios in your
personal growth library, you can purchase an upgrade to CDs or downloads with
one of three affordable packages. Here's the registration link again:



btrHot Flash 2: Not coincidently, I'm broadcasting a special interview with Nick Ortner, this Tuesday. You'll want to hear this, so tune it at 5:30pm, PST, 8:30pm Eastern.

Although we mention it, this interview is not about the Summit! Instead, Nick talks openly about his involvement with the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy and how Tapping is helping them cope. He and his brother, Alex, live there, btw.

In the interview Nick tells a heart-warming story about a 12-year boy (the brother of one of the shooting victims,) who connects with a young tragedy-survivor on the other side of the world. It’s a beautiful story; involving tapping, compassion and connections. You don’t want to miss.

You’ll also learn about Nick’s soon-to-be-released book The Tapping Solution, by Hay House Publishing, and the impact he feels it could have on the world. In the book, Nick features the Pro EFT process of the Trauma Tree. Yay! You'll also learn about how The Tapping Solution has helped raise over $300,000 for worthwhile charities.

Nick, with his beautiful, new wife, Brenna, (L) and
Dr. Pat Carrington, recipient of the "LIfe Time
Achievement Award in Tapping Excellence"

Nick has been a rising star in the Tapping Community for the past 7 years and has become one of its most influential leaders. His commitment to making a significant difference with Tapping and how’s he’s accomplishing that, is extraordinary.

Listen to this uplifting radio interview with Nick by clicking here (at 5:30PT, on the 5th) or on the icon above. Or you can listen at your convenience anytime afterwards (or download it) our media page at

Register for the Summit here:


Hot Flash 3: Our next Level 1 and 2 Workshop is March 8-10th. Zoe Walton, my former co-facilitator and Lynn Robinson, Certified Pro EFT Practitioner and Trainer, will be teaching it. If you're new to EFT or Pro EFT, this is a great opportunity to become immersed in the magic of Tapping. Find out more and register.


Calendar Alert! On Thursday, Valentine's Day, I'll be interviewing the incomparable, Iyanla Vanzant, for my radio show! So mark your calendar, Feb. 14th, 10am PT, 1 ET



Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master




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