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Two Cool Things
First, I want to thank all of you who participated in the World Summit this year. It was truly a remarkable event! And thanks to those who took the time to write some wonderful
things about the speakers. I was personally very touched by the beautiful
comments on my interview. They were very sweet. Thank you.


Hot Flash 1: I've been saying all along what a wonderful group of people run The Tapping Solution (producers of the Tapping Summit). But just when I think they have hit their pinnacle, they do something that takes my breath away. This Monday, the 18th, they are donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Summit CDs and Downloads to the people of Newtown CT! 100%! That's tens of thousands of dollars, that could have been profit for them, that will go directly into helping the survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Realizing that they (The Tapping Solution) still has to come out-of-pocket for the compilation of the material, the production of the CDs and all of the packaging and the shipping costs, their donation of 100% of the proceeds (not just profits) is no small contribution! And for your contribution, you get all of the materials from the Summit! What a win-win-win!

But hey, I'd rather let Jessica tell you about it in her beautifully done short video

So please watch it now and learn how by upgrading to one of the Tapping World Summit packages on MONDAY, you can help an amazing cause. Jessica will also tell you about the cool, new "Tapping Solution Foundation" which is going to manage projects like this... as well as the wonderful person they have have enrolled to manage it.

Personally, I think this project and others they have done is such a fabulous way to give back, using Tapping as the gift. And I love that the Ortners are allowing us to play a part in it. So if you were even thinking about purchasing the wonderful material from the Summit, Monday is the time to do it. If you've already bought a package, feel free to buy another one and donate it to someone who can't afford it, or who doesn't know about tapping. If you weren't planning on buying this orinally FRisbEE program I hope you consider doing it for a very worthy cause!


Hot Flash 2: If you missed the interview with the incomparable Dr. Iyanla Vanzant on EFT IyanlaRadio Online last week, then listen to it now at this link:

For those of you who tried to listen to it live, you know we had a technical glitch at first. But it's been rectified so if you missed it, you now have a second chance to listen in. And you can do it anytime at the above link.

Honestly, I think this is THE best guest interview I've ever done (and I don't mean my part, I mean Iyanla's)! She's beyond incredible and that's not hyperbole. And as I said before, get your pens and paper ready, because you'll want to take notes. She drops some very insightful pearls of wisdom.



Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master



Upcoming Workshops and Events
We haven't completely finished scheduling our 2013 workshops but we're getting closer. And I think you'll like some of the Virtual Events we're going to offer, coming soon. Here's what we have now...

The Pro EFT™ Level 1 and 2 Workshops have been rescheduled to June 7-9th - Find out more and learn how to purchase the Level 1 for only $99 at

Our Live ONLINE, Pro EFT™ Basics and Beyond Webinars (Level 1++) will be starting March 2. The Innovative, Intermediate Tapping Webinars (Level 2) will begin March 30. They will be live, weekend, virtual events, saving you a lot of time and money. So mark your calendars and we'll have much more information, including registration, in the next Hot Flashes Newsletter.



Our very popular 2013 EFT Practitioners Intensive will be May 31st - June 3!

Although registration is not yet open, we have set the dates and our securing our venue now. This will be a Four-Day Live course (Level 3 and Beyond) plus 2 live Webinars! More details will be available in the next newsletter, but you can read "a little" about it now at


* "FRisbEE" is our little euphemism for "no cost" or "complimentary," gift, etc. Spelling out the FR and EE would mean your spam filters would keep you from getting this. So instead of spelling it fr*e-e we make it FRisbEE, which is more fun. Now you know. Back to where you left off.


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