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A Time-Sensitive Reminder, A Heart-Warming Update on our Memorial Tapping Event
and 2 Valuable Hot Flashes


sandiAn important reminder: If you missed my interview with Sandi Radomski last week, make sure you listen now!

Sandi was amazing and these interviews. Mine and Pat Carrington's, both contain must-know information that could be vital to your health. Really. Trust me. Also, Sandi has extended an offer for her amazing Laser Packages until Monday, August 15th. Download Sandi's f*r*e*e DVD and find the audios and the laser packages here:


A Heart-Warming Update: IT WORKED! Our Memorial Tapping Event last week paid off! Read what "Sergeant Smiley" (our anonymous soldier) wrote to me about our surrogate tapping event for them:

"...Thank you for setting up the tapping event for our fallen heroes..it really worked. Yesterday felt like a rock had been lifted off. The whole area here seemed brighter and more in tune...I can't explain it any other way...but the tapping certainly had a positive effect for the good."

I want to thank the thousands of you who participated in this worldwide tapping event. Thanks to you, many soldiers and their families are feeling better today. I received so many heart-warming emails about how it helped YOU to help THEM. It was truly a win-win. And because this event was so successful, Sgt. Smiley has a great idea! Read about it and about the event here.


Hot Flash 1: Our Spirituality-Focused, "Basics and Beyond" EFT Level 1 & 2 workshop starts Sept, 9th!

Heike, Zoe and Lynn, our co-facilitators

During this highly experiential, 3-day workshop we will be focusing on using EFT for your spiritual journey. We will teach you how apply Pro EFT to:

  • Let go of your ‘story’
  • Get in touch with inner peace
  • Find the part of you that’s missing
  • Meld into your inner stillness
  • Release the fear of being who you are

Zoe and I will be joined by two of our favorite certified Pro EFT Trainers, Heike Prevrhal and Lynn Robinson. Read dates, times, location and register at http://tinyurl.com/Level1-2Spirituality


TAWHot Flash 2: Our Tap Away Weight Clinic in Phoenix is just around the corner (Oct. 14-16). Yay!

Using EFT to release weight makes it SO much easier and effective than "dieting" or ANYTHING else. It's taken me 30 years to perfect my Tap Away Weight program but EFT is what makes it tremendous.

To reach your weight goals we need to discover and neutralize what caused the weight issue to begin with. And I'm 100% committed to doing that with you. We'll use tapping in ways you've never seen before and you WILL succeed.

So how does this sound to you?

  • Reclaim your health and vitality!
  • Look and feel great in your clothes!
  • Have incredible energy!
  • Lower your blood pressure!
  • Stabilize your blood sugar!
  • Feel accomplished and wonderful!
  • Live longer and better!
  • Experience true joy and peace of mind!
  • Be proud of yourself again!
  • Love yourself completely and unconditionally!

If you're ready for that and then some, then let's go! Register right now while you're thinking about it.


Oct. 14-16th in Phoenix, AZ

Read more about this unique course and
why you need to do this now!

Seating is limited so you need to pre-register to attend.


Upcoming Pro EFT workshops

Good Luck and Good Tapping,


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Please send your Vet's friends and family to www.TappingWorkshops.com to read about our Tappy Williams Military Scholarship Program.

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