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PatHot Flash:
Oh Goody! Dr. Pat Carrington, EFT Master (and one of my favorite people on the planet,) and I are teaming up to offer you a powerful series on "Attracting the Life of Your Dreams".

We're starting with a "FRisbEE" teleclass tomorrow night (the 21st,) at 8pm EDT, 5 PT. This will be a COOL way to kick off the start of your summer! Our intention is for you to be inspired, entertained and motivated. You can't go wrong with that.

In this class Pat will be interviewing me about why I'm such a big fan of attracting whatever you want in life. I grew up in extreme poverty, yet I was able to create some incredible miracles and turn my life around. I'll share some of my personal stories with you that happened long before I ever heard of the "Law of Attraction". You'll see why I'm such a believer in this powerful force, that you can learn to tap into.You 'll hear how being clear on what you want in life and believing you'll get it, can work for you... and more. Sign up now:

If you've wanting something badly, but haven't gotten it, then you may think the Law of Attraction doesn't work for YOU. But I want you to be open to just maybe you're missing an important element that could be keeping you from getting what you want. While this class is just an introduction to what's possible you'll hear some inspiring stories and get some solid tips. In subsequent classes, Pat and I will show you specifically how to "Tap Into" your own power to attract love, peace of mind, prosperity, health and more. AND, I'll show you how to tap away the obstacles that may be in your way of getting all of that.

Believe me, it's much easier than you imagine to attract what you want. If it can work miracles for a 6-year old Lindsay, then it can work for YOU! At the end of the class, Pat and I will take questions, so have your pen and paper ready.

We're also going to make an offer to you that's truly irresistible! I want people to have the information and resources I've developed in my 10+ years of tapping, so I'm going to offer something that will blow you away. You don't have to buy anything to participate in this class, but if you're in the mood and want the maximum amount of tapping material for a ridiculous price, then you'll want to hear this offer.

The main attraction, however, is about attraction, having some fun, motivating you, and giving you 'hope' about what you can accomplish. Your mind, positive energy and some directed tapping can produce miracles. Register now, it's a "FRisbEE.


BTW, if you can't make the live call ...I realize this is a last minute notice, register anyway and you'll have access to the recording of this conference anytime. There might be something you hear that could change the way to see things that could alter your life...for the good!

Register for the teleclass or recording of it afterwards:




Good Luck and Good Tapping,


* "FRisbEE" is our little euphemism for "no cost" or "complimentary," gift, etc. Spelling out the FR and EE would mean your spam filters would likely keep you from getting this. So instead of spelling it fr*e-e we make it FRisbEE, which is more fun. Now you know. Back to where you left off .



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