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Hot Flash 1: Join us tonight, the 27th, at 9pm EFT, for my interview with Christine Kolenda; designer, inventor and creativeChristine  entrepreneur .

You'll want to hear why and how Christine tapped AWAY becoming an EFT Practitioner and tapped INTO her gifts as a creative inventor. What she has accomplished is incredible, as is how EFT helped her along the way. And ladies, trust me, you'll want to hear about some of the products she's invented to make our lives easier.

In 20 plus years working in the corporate world, Christine has developed training programs for the beauty industry, insurance industry and provided business consultations for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Now Christine designs and redesigns everyday items so they work better. In other words, she  takes something functional and makes it extraordinary. You can see her fashion meets function ideas and products at www.FashionFixed.com

Tune in online at www.ProEFTRadio.com
or phone in at 760-683-2626. 9 PM EDT
(6 PM PDT)
And remember, if you can't join us live, listen to the recording anytime at http://tinyurl.com/proEFTShows

Reminder 1:
On Tuesday, August 2nd, I'll be doing atwofaced unique teleclass for practi-tioners and experienced tappers, on a serious and very important technique;

"The Ultimate Choice."


Do not register for this class if you are considering suicide. Please call 911 immediately or seek help urgent assistance from a
skilled health care professional.

This class is primarily for practitioners or advanced tappers who feel stuck or uncommitted in their lives.

Read more about this unique teleclass and powerful process
and register at www.EFTteleclasses.com



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