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Two Important Reminders:
Our important Radio Broadcast tonight
and The Worldwide Memorial Tapping Event

SandiReminder: 1 Join us tonight at 9 pm EDT (6 PDT,) for an important and fascinating interview with Allergy Specialist, Sandi Radomski

In this special 2-part series, Dr. Pat Carrington first shares her foundational interview with Sandi. It includes several surprising revelations about allergies. I thought I knew a lot about this little menace, but admit I was shocked more than once by this interview. You really need to listen to this first.

On our broadcast tonight, part 2, we'll take up where Pat left off as Sandi reveals more critical information about allergies. Some of it will surprise you. Did you know you could be allergic to your spouse, children...or jewelry? OMG, wouldn't that explain a lot?! Many people are allergic to things they ingest or wear every day and have no idea. And it may be why you are foggy-headed, have pain, headaches, nausea and more.

So if you can, listen to Pat's interview with Sandi first and download a f*r*e*e DVD on Allergy Elimination at tinyurl.com/SandisInterview
It also includes a timely offer you don't want to miss!

Then, be sure to tune into our broadcast tonight for part 2, at www.ProEFTradio.com where you'll learn more amazing things about allergies; including three innovative ways to check for them and eliminate them. you'll also learn new ways to use EFT without tapping!
. Trust me, this is very good stuff!

Tune in online at www.ProEFTRadio.com
or dial in at 760-683-2626.
If you can't join us live, listen to both of these recordings anytime at http://tinyurl.com/proEFTShows

Again, please listen to Sandi and Pat's interview first if you can. You'll really love it. And Sandi has agreed to give us some special deals on her products. Find it all here.


Reminder 2: Please join us for a special Memorial Tapping taffyEvent scheduled for tomorrow, the 11th, at 11am PDT, (2pm EFT, 8pm GMT.)

Sadly, one of our own EFT Practitioners was in the same unit as the 30 men who were shot down and killed in Afghanistan on Sunday. Fortunately, he wasn't with them, but he and the other men in their Special Forces unit are devastated beyond belief, as are their families.
Read the gut-wrenching email from him at: tinyurl.com/TappingMemorial

We at Pro EFT wanted to do something for them and we think surrogate tapping for their grief and anguish is the best thing. So please join us to tap for the family members, friends and loved ones of these brave, fallen soldiers. This event is something you can do from wherever you are tomorrow, at 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 7pm GMT. Please pause for 5-10 minutes at that time and do a few rounds of tapping. You can find how to surrogate tap and more on this story at: tinyurl.com/TappingMemorial

If you can't participate it the event at the specified time, please tap for them anytime you can in the next 24-48 hours.
Thank you for participating and spreading the word about it


Good Luck and Good Tapping,





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