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Hot Flash 1 - Tune in this Sunday, the 18th, as I'm interviewed by Kate Beeders, Success Coach, on her live, internet radio station. I'll be describing how to neutralize two disruptive emotional elements surrounding weight issues; 1) the Shame & Guilt connection, and 2) Limiting Beliefs and Fears. The show will be broadcast at 3pm PDT (6pm EDT) this Sunday. You don't need to register; just use this link to tune in. If you can't make the live show, you can use the same link to listen to the recording later.


Hot Flash 2 - I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my latest offering, the "Ultimate Personal Transformation Program" (UPTP.) As a part of my "Power of 10s" series, this unique program is a 10-week, 10-session, 10-bonus package and will be limited to 10 participants at a time. It's similar to my Personal Tapping Intensive (an 8-person group-tapping program) except:

  • You can participate in this experience without leaving home
  • All of the work will be done by phone or Skype.
  • The private sessions are one to one (with me) and confidential
  • There will be two optional group-tapping phone sessions available to facilitate further clarity and focus
  • There are several bonuses included to help support your transformation and growth


I'm very excited about this program because it supports commitment and focus, which are important in achieving quick, effective results. I have found that as soon as someone totally commits to change, energy begins to shift and reality starts to improve...almost immediately. There's so much to this program, and so many reasons you should consider it or recommend it, that I'd like you to read more about it on my website. Go to to see if the UPT Program is right for you and if you're right for it!


Hot Flash 3 - If you missed my Global Teleclass on Tapping Away Stress last month, you can find the audio link and other F*r*e*e material on neutralizing stress on my Power of 10s page at


Upcoming Hot Flash! Next week I'll be announcing my new "Train the Trainer" Program for aspiring Pro EFT, Pro-ER, EFT or MTT practitioners!


Good luck and Good tapping, :-)

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