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Read why we always spell F*R*E*E this odd way. :-)


Reminder 1 - Register now for my F*R*E*E Global Teleclass this Thursday, the 12th, on "Tapping Away Limiting Beliefs and Fears". It will be broadcast live at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT) Click on this link to register Scroll down to my name and teleclass to sign up.


If you can't attend live, you can find a recording link on the "Media Page" of my website at after the conclusion of the call. You can also download the PowerPoint handouts for this class now on the media page.


Reminder 2 - If you missed the announcement last week ProEFT's F*r*e*e "Project Helping Hand" read about it on our
website at  These unique pro-bono tapping projects are being undertaken for different segments of our population; cancer victims, stressed-out teenagers, people who have been down-sized or laid off and others. You may be able to participate in one of these programs at no cost. Read more about the projects at or link to the specific programs from there, including a recorded teleclass about Project Giving Hope, for cancer victims.


Reminder 3 - Also, in case you missed the news; our upcoming Workshops; "Basics and Beyond" (Level 1) and "Innovative Tapping and Law of Attraction" (Level 2) will qualify toward the new EFT and Pro EFT certification! Our next class begins Sept. 17th - 19th in San Francisco. Sign up now and save a bundle by doing both classes together. If you register for the Level 2 you'll get the Level 1 for only $99. Space is limited, and so is this price, so jump on it now.


Reminder 4 - There is still time to participate in our "Train the Trainer's program. The webinar portion has begun, but you could catch up with the recordings and still attend the last webinar next week and the live workshop August 27-29th. Read about it here if you want to be great at facilitating tapping workshops.


Good luck and Good tapping, :-)

*PS Just so you'll know, FYI, The reason newsletter publishers and other e-mailers spell F*R*E*E this and other odd ways is that spam filters will kick out any e-mail with the word F-R-E-E in it (spelled without dashes or asterisks.). Go figure. I guess F*R*E*E is both a four-letter work and the F word. :-)

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