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Hot Flash 1 - I'm very proud to announce the launch of our "Project Helping Hand"!!! This ambitious series of community tapping projects, sponsored by ProEFT is being undertaken by teams of our brave Level 3 graduates and Certified Pro EFT practitioners. They will be tapping with participants (pro bono) via individual sessions or teleclasses, while conducting research on different specialty issues (see below.) We know tapping works, of course, but doing research and collecting data on specific issues helps validate it, while helping others in a big way. If you qualify you will be able to participate too (at no cost.) Read more about the two first team projects below or go to


While there are several projects within "Project Helping Hand" (some are still in the development stage,) there are two teams that are ready to launch now; "Project Giving Hope" and "Project Tapping for Teens". Each group is offering no-cost participation, but space is limited in these programs, so you must register to participate, and do it now. Find out more about these projects at or read more...


"Project Giving Hope"... is specifically set up to tap away the fear, anxiety and stress experienced by cancer victims and their families. This team of highly qualified practitioners will begin with a series of F*R*E*E teleclasses starting August 16th. You can also listen to an internet broadcast about this subject on Wednesday, Aug. 4th at 6pm EDT, (3pm Pacific time) To listen live, log-on at or call in at the specified time at 914-338-0821. I'll be doing a little introduction on the umbrella Project Helping Hand, and the hosts will tell you more about Project Giving Hope.

"Project Tapping for Teens"... was developed to help deal with the many challenges facing today's teenagers. OMG, that's a long list! This project will begin with pro-bono, expert individual tapping sessions for qualifiers. Find out more about this ambitious project and apply to become a participant at Or visit our informational page at

Much love and gratitude to these wonderful Pro EFT practitioners for volunteering their skills, tapping talents and time to this very worthy cause.


Hot Flash 2 - This is great news, with more details to come. David MacKay and Dawson Church, the fellow practitioners now hosting the EFT newsletter and EFT Universe website, are making great strides toward reuniting the Tapping Community; EFT, Pro EFT, Pro ER, MTT and others. The main project will be the standardization of workshops offered worldwide. There will be required basic tapping techniques, as well room for the many additional enhanced methods developed by myself and other Masters and expert practitioners. Certification will be based on several requirements, including workshop attendance, proficiency testing, client hours, written tests and more.


Dawson and David have invited several Masters, including myself, MTT webmaster, Karin Davidson, and other trainers to a "Pow Wow" in October. There will be announcements here (the Hot Flashes Newsletter) and elsewhere when it's all finalized. So no questions now please. I promise we'll answer everything later. Just know that existing certifications will be honored and that this is a very positive, powerful step for the entire tapping community! Many thanks to Dawson and David for taking this pivotal step.


Hot Flash 3 - Register now for my F*R*E*E Global Teleclass on Tapping Away Limiting Beliefs and Fears, August 12th at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT) Click on this link to register Scroll down to my name and teleclass. You can download the handouts now for this class, or e-mail me any questions you have about limiting beliefs and fears ahead of time. It will be difficult to take verbal questions live with the size of class we're expecting. If you can't attend live, I'll provide an mp3 recording link on the "Media Page" of my website


Hot Flash 4 - If you're new to tapping, listen to my interview by Lisa Engles, host of "Inner State" radio. Lisa asks me about the basics of tapping, and commonly asked questions about EFT and MTT . Click here to listen to the recording Click on to the Aug. 2nd Mp3 download button.


Note: For those of you who were unable to download the Bundling Baggage e-book from the last newsletter, Please download it from his link. Sometimes Mac's don't cooperate, nor do some PC's, and "occasionally" it's me. Or maybe it's those evil spam filters. :-) Either way, this should work.


Good luck and Good tapping, :-)

*PS Just so you'll know, FYI, The reason newsletter publishers and other e-mailers spell F*R*E*E this and other odd ways is that spam filters will kick out any e-mail with the word F-R-E-E in it (spelled without dashes or asterisks.). Go figure. I guess F*R*E*E is both a four-letter work and the F word. :-)

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