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The Tapping World Summit
Starts Tomorrow, May 7th!

Hot Flash 1: You've probably been getting a lot of notices about the World Summit lately. That's because this online summit is THE Biggest Tapping event of the year. Besides being easy to access from anywhere, it WShelps hundreds of thousands of people around the world and it's FRisbEE!* (no cost to you.) The 2012 event has already broken all previous registration records and it hasn't officially started yet.

Plus, this year there are more presenters (including myself,) over half a million participants, even more interesting topics, and fabulous bonuses. And it really is "FRisbEE".

No wonder the energy psychology world is buzzing about it.
Read more and register now:

Nick Ortner and his family continue to outdo themselves with the quality, quantity and professionalism of this extraordinary event. If you haven't read about it or haven't registered yet, do it TODAY. Because, if you decide to upgrade (meaning OWN the audios and videos from the event,) then you get even more goodies by doing now, before the event starts tomorrow. Register now @


Reminder 1: Our 5-Day Practitioners Intensive starts in just over 2 weeks; May 23rd. It's lkalso an annual event, like the Summit, and it has extraordinary content and GREAT bonuses, like the Summit. But unlike the Summit, space is limited and we only have two spots left (and it's not FRisbEE. Sorry.) But it is priceless! So if you want to join this incredible program for practitioners or those wanting to use Tapping in their businesses, then get on it now. You'll be SO glad you did. I promise! Read more and register now at


Reminder 2: If you missed my interview this week on EFT Radio, by Cathryn Taylor, go here to find a replay. It's about using Pro EFT for cravings and addictions. We discuss how to overcome addictive behavior and neutralizing the sub-conscious resistance to change. It's also more about our New Reversals Protocol.



Other upcoming workshops

Good Luck and Good Tapping,

* "FRisbEE" is our little euphemism for "no cost" or "complimentary," gift, etc. Spelling out the FR and EE would mean your spam filters would likely keep you from getting this. So instead of spelling it fr*e-e we make it FRisbEE. Now you know. Back to where you left off .



Remaining 2012 Pro EFT™ workshops


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