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Hot Flash 1:
Be sure to listen in tomorrow night (Wednesday, the 29th, 9pm EDT) to our Pro EFT radio show. I'll be teaching the second part of my new technique; the "Cone of Shame". Last week we focused on all of the regrettable things we've ever said or done...tapping away the remorse, regret and guilt. If you missed that show, please listen to it as a foundation for this week's show. Find the recording at

This week we'll Tap Away your embarrassment, shame or regret about who you are; the color of your skin, your speech impediment, freckles, heritage, shape, size, weight, religion, race, physical challenges, sexual preferences or whatever!

It seems almost everyone has something for which they are ashamed that is often quite out of their control. That self-disgust or loathing creates an atmosphere that takes a toll on our self-esteem, worthiness and confidence.

Please listen in and tap along with us and "Borrow Benefits" as we eliminate your "Cone of Shame". You can ask questions live as we go or at the end of the program. Our intention is for you to regain self-respect and a renewed esteem for being who you are.

Join us online at www.ProEFTRadio.com
or phone in at 760-683-2626.
9pm EDT, (6pm PDT.) If you can't join us live, listen to last week's recording and this one at: tinyurl.com/Cone-Shame

This is a powerful process. Don't miss it.

Hot Flash 2
: I seldom endorse medical professionals, for many reasons. However, I feel strongly compelled to do that now...totally unsolicited by them and without their knowledge (I hope they don't yell at me.) I've recently had both of these remarkable women on my radio show and highly respect them, both personally and professionally. These exceptional women deserve acknowledgement for all they do to help others.

Both are compassionate, gifted medical professionals and are incredibly knowledgeable in both traditional and alternative medicine. And both are great EFT Practitioners!

Valerie Ozsu has been a Nurse Practitioner for over 33 years and Valerie_Ozsua Pro EFT Practitioner for 6+ years. She specializes in women's issues but does so much more. Valerie has recently been helping me with a mercury poisoning problem; (amalgam fillings and crowns- Oy-Veh!) She is exceptional at what she does and has more compassion and generosity in her little finger than any 10 people I know.

Contact Valerie at:
Founder of the Natural Health and Wellness Center
Vacaville, CA   95688


Dr. Thelma Jones M.D. F.A.C.P. is an Oncologist by training, but also works with Thelma_Jones integrative and alternative medicine. Like Valerie, Dr. Jones is passionate about her work and extremely resourceful about a myriad of options for wellness (which is ironically the name of her practice.) She has four board certifications and too many honors and achievements to mention. I would take a bullet for her 6 days a week (the 7th day I'd pull the trigger myself! (Just a joke, please don't write me about that.) :-).

Contact Dr. Jones at:
(914) 713-0789
Scarsdale, New York

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