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"Whether you want to learn how to tap more effectively on your own, or take it all the way to becoming a practitioner or trainer, our Pro EFT Workshops are (humbly) the best place to learn."
Lindsay Kenny, Certified Facilitator, Trainer

"What a tremendous class this was. (Level 3) Here’s what I appreciate about your style of teaching: Vivid and riveting story telling that illustrates the context and purpose of the exercise; compassionate and effective techniques that bust through limitations; riotous and poignant humor to lighten it all up." Tracy McCullom, Maine

Remaining Trainings and Workshops for 2012:
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May 23-27, Pro EFT Practitioners Intensive - This is a 5-day UltimatePractitioners Workshop, Level 3 and Beyond.
Read more about it and register atwww.PractitionersIntensive.com  
San Francisco Bay Area 

matrixJune 15-17, Matrix Reimprinting
Read more at http://tinyurl.com/Matrix-ProEFT
Level 1 experience is required Find out how to qualify without leaving home
San Francisco Bay Area


aametLogoJuly 20-22nd*,
EFT and Pro EFT™ Certification -
EFT, Pro EFT, MTT, AAMET certification all in one place. You must pre-qualify to attend. Read more and register at www.ProEFTCertification.com
San Francisco Bay Area


August 24-26th* 2012 (Dates TBA), Train the Trainer
Read more and register at www.FacilitatorsCourse.com
San Francisco Bay Area *this date is tentative until a venue has been confirmed

October 27-29,
Pro EFT Ultimate Practitioners Workshop™
Read more and register at www.UltimatePractitionersWorkshop.com
San Francisco Bay Area




Tap Away WeightOur most recent Tap Away Weight Clinic has already taken place. Upcoming Weight Release class TBA- This unique Ultimate Weight Release Program is not like any weight loss program or diet you've ever seen. Read more about it and register at www.TapAwayWeight.com


About our Pro EFT Workshops

Our workshops are experiential, fun, exciting and invaluable to your emotional and physical well-being.  In our workshops you will be acquiring skills that can help you through a lifetime of emotional trials and challenges. What might take weeks or months of traditional therapy can often be accomplished in a weekend workshop.


The objective of our workshops is to teach participants the non-invasive process of tapping. Used properly, tapping can quickly clear away blockages by opening the meridian system to its normal capacity which allows trapped emotional energy to flow freely.  

Tapping works with meridians that are out of balance (which is what causes negative emotions) by adding energy into the meridian, via tapping on specific acupuncture points. At the same time, statements of intention are made that help clear these energy fields. Tapping has a balancing effect on the meridian system and the disturbing emotions or symptoms are unblocked.

Our workshops are Progressive. That means, in our workshops, you will learn an advanced form of tapping to more quickly alleviate issues such as stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, weight problems, anger, chronic pain, grief, shame and so much more.

It’s virtually impossible to be at your best when you are carrying around stress from work or problems from home. Fear, anxiety, pain, extra weight and other “baggage” can keep you from realizing your potential. 


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All of our workshops are AAMET qualified. the Association for the Advancement for Meridian Energy Techniques is the most credible of the EFT certification programs available. Lindsay is a certified AAMET Practitioner, Facilitator and Trainer of Trainers.

Pro EFT workshops apply toward requirements for EFT certification, as well as Pro EFT certification and AAMET certification. However, just taking the courses does not make you a certified practitioner. You must meet all of the requirements. Please read about our certification program. O

arrowVirtually all
of our workshops provide CEs or CEUs for MFTs, RNs, LCSWs and L.Ac.s
Therefore each day of the course would render 8 CEUs.


About the Facilitator:


Lindsay Kenny, EFT Founding Master,has been a coach and facilitator for over 30years. She is Founder and Director of the EFT Institute and a certified Trainer of Trainers for AAMET.

As an expert Life Coach, Lindsay teaches clients how to alleviate the barriers that keep them from being their best, helps them lose weight, have more energy, improve their health and assists them in living healthier, happier lives. 

Lindsay teaching abundance in Melbourne



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Important note: While tapping of all kinds has produced remarkable clinical results, it has only been used in its current form since the mid-80s, and thus is still in the experimental stage. Therefore, users of tapping techniques must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Although tapping has no negative side-effects, it has been known to bring peace of mind, relaxation, a brighter outlook, better health, more energy and focus, added self-esteem. It also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain and a multitude of other ailments and issues. So use with care.

Lindsay Kenny is not a licensed health care professional and offers Pro EFT as a Life Coach. However, she has extensive experience in EFT and is considered one of the leading experts in the field as an EFT Master. If you would like to find another practitioner choose from our Preferred Practitioners, former students of Lindsay Kenny.



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