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greenThis classy little iPod-like Mp3 Player is loaded with powerful EFT material to help you clear dozens of life's most challenging issues: fear, anxiety, grief, betrayal, guilt, shame, weight issues, disappointment, cravings, resentment, frustration, anger and much more. It even includes 5 remarkable audios on EFT and the Law of Attraction See details about the content

There are also teleclass audios on attracting love, fixing damaged relationships,
alleviating pain and illness, neutralizing reversals, dealing with complex
issues, eliminating clutter and procrastination and much more.

The Mp3 player also comes with its own support web page containing a wealth of additional downloadable material including: EFT videos, articles, eBooks, our unique Pro EFT tapping chart and more.


The support web page (free with the Mp3 package) also includes our 3-part "Tap Away Pain and Illness" videos; a must for those who suffer from chronic pain.

It also comes with our unique Level 1, Pro EFT Workbook which includes a wealth L1Wrkbkof progressive tapping articles, processes and graphics.


Everything in this EFT MP3 package was designed to help support your emotional health and Tapping experience!

Sold separately, the audios on the Mp3 player retail for over $1000 but, when you add the $200 in additional bonus material on the support page, the value of this package is over $1200!! (and remember you get the Mp3 player free!)


You can own all of this valuable material ($1200+value)
For only $299!
Order the Pro EFT Mp3 Package with the Free Mp3 player

OR if you already have and Mp3 player...Order the downloads instead.
You'll get all of the material on the player, plus the additional bonus material.
You'll get it all now and don't have to pay shipping costs.

Here's what one of our owners had to say about our EFT Mp3 Package

"If you'd like tapping tips, information and education available any time, from a Master teacher, then this MP3 Player is a MUST HAVE! I love mine and it’s helping me hone my tapping skills. I absolutely recommend this product!” Elizabeth Mandzuk, Progressive EFT Practitioner

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Why this Mp3 Player?

  • This MP3 player is tiny, portable and easy to use
  • No need to stay in front of your computer to listen to teleclasses and no bulky CDs to carry around
  • There's still plenty of memory on it; save dozens of additional tapping audios
  • And it's FREE (along with loads of bonus material) with the purchase of the EFT Mp3 Package
  • If you already have an iPod or other MP3 player that's dandy! You can still own this excusive audio package by purchasing the download version only of this material for the same discounted price. And you'll still receive the free bonuses! But remember the player is free!


The EFT MP3 comes in three colors; Fuchsia, Green and Black. While you can indicate your color preference in the comment section of the order form, we cannot guarantee your color preference.


By purchasing and using these audios you will learn
Progressive EFT techniques, tools and skills
to use for years to come


Still unsure? Read more below about the contents
and benefits of this incredible audio and bonus package:

Some of the Pre-loaded audios for specific or common issues include:eftmp3_blk

  • Weight Release- Two 90-minute “Tap Away Weight” teleclasses on weight release and more to help you reach your weight goals.
  • Law of Attraction- This includes 5 audios with demonstrations, tap-along sequences and LOA success stories (including Lindsay’s personal ones.) Supplementary articles and self-help aids are also provided for manifesting the life of your dreams
  • Grief and Sadness- Tapping away grief, sorrow and sadness; 1, 90-minute teleclass with demo and instructions
  • Need to be Perfect- 90-minute teleclass on discovering and neutralizing the causes of perfectionism. Demos and sequences of tapping into self acceptance.
  • Attracting Love- 90-minute teleclass on attracting your ideal mate. Comes with an extensive, 3-part, step-by-step e-book on the “Attracting the Love of Your Life and Tapping into the love you deserve”
  • Fear and Anxiety- Tapping away fear and anxiety; a 90-minute teleclass with accompanying Fear and Anxiety eBook by Lindsay
  • Self Esteem and Confidence- 90-minute teleclass on transforming low self-esteem into unshakable self-confidence. Who couldn't’t use that?
  • Playing to Win- 90-minute teleclass on recognizing the syndrome of playing the game of life NOT to lose, rather than playing to win. This is an important audio for anyone who feels stuck in their life
  • Pain and Illness- discovering the causes of pain, illness and disease and how to tap them away and tap into healing
  • Indecision- two separate audios: a 60-minute Global teleclass audio to help overcome the “going-around-in-circles” syndrome. Another 60-minute demonstration session on tapping away indecisiveness. This comes with a FREE 3-part Tapping Into Decisiveness video set on support website page!
  • Art Vs. the Science of Tapping- a different look at the different elements of EFT and leaning important elements to make it work better for you
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- a 60-minute audio on understanding and dealing with the debilitating OCD issue
  • Core Issues- 60-minute teleclass on how to find and core issues amongst the rubble and how to deal with them
  • Shame and Guilt- 90-minute teleclass on how to deal with the crippling emotions of shame, guilt and remorse
  • Clearing Clutter- 90-minute teleclass, with demonstrations on how to tap away the issues that cause clutter.
  • Embracing the C words and Eliminating the F words- A simple 60-minute audio teaching how to use C words (confidence, certainty, clarity, commitment, etc.) to work for us, while eliminating the F-words; Fear, Frustration and Failure
  • Disappointment and Regret- 90-minute teleclass on how to get over life’s losses, failures and regrets
  • Getting Unstuck- 90-minute teleclass on how to get past the stuck point and into action
  • Abundance and Prosperity– 90-minute teleclass on making your dreams reality
  • Cravings; 90-minute teleclass on tapping away any cravings, including addictions to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and more
  • Flu-Blocker- a tap-along audio on asking the body to heal
  • Limiting Beliefs- 60-minute global teleclass on overcoming the debilitation of limiting beliefs and fears. They are the single most powerful impediment to getting what we want in life
  • Resolutions- 60-minute teleclass on how to make Resolutions work for you, whether New Year’s or anytime
  • Procrastination- 90 minute teleclass on overcoming the ultimate stuck issue
  • Tapping Away Anger- Tap-Along audio on anger and accompanying ebook on Tapping Away Anger

You can own all of this valuable material ($1200+value)
For only $299!
Order the Pro EFT Mp3 Package with the Free Mp3 Player

OR if you already have and Mp3 player...Order the downloads instead.
You'll get all of the material on the player, plus the additional bonus material.
You'll get it all now and don't have to pay shipping costs.


lk"The EFT Mp3 player audios and accompanying bonus downloads cover most major issues and then some. It’s great for learning EFT, expanding it and developing good tapping habits. Because the content covers Progressive EFT material, it goes far beyond the basics taught in traditional EFT. We’re very proud of this product, a one-of-a-kind in this industry and hope you love it too."

Lindsay Kenny,
EFT Master


Read what others have said about the audios:
(via downloads or CDs):

Hi Lindsay, I downloaded your Power Package audios yesterday and was so pleased to see everything that's included. I'm already on the 5th one and just loving it. Thank you for your generosity and all of the extra material included.
Sharon Nichols

Lindsay, You're so funny! What a surprise to actually be entertained while learning. I really am liking the Power Package CDs, and you're right that they're more than what they seem to be. WAY more! So far my favorite is the Law of Attraction one and your own fabulous stories. Keep up the good work. Jerry A.

Dear Lindsay, I've been listening to your CDs in my car everyday, and tapping while driving. What delightful fun. I'm clearing issues and forgetting about the traffic. Love it! Erica Tonin

Hello Lindsay, I thought you'd appreciate that I sat in the driveway for an extra 10 minutes after getting home last night. Why? Because I was tapping along with the one on attracting my life partner. I'm already doing the homework to attract that woman. And with your help in clearing my blocks about it, and the clarity about what I really want (not just a pretty face and great figure,) I feel I'm finally on the right track. A big fan, Brandon V.

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay, Don't I know you? It feels like it, since I'm hearing you in my ear while walking Homer (my Lab,) or washing dishes, or driving to work, or working out... But I'm learning so much and really benefiting from all of your experience. You really have a unique way of teaching that keeps me involved. Thank you for sharing all of this great material with the world. Walter Tamerique

Hey Lindsay, Thanks for your new Mp3 player. It's awesome! I'm listening in to you all the time while I'm at the gym. It really helps to reinforce what I've learned in the workshops too. Love it! Katy Stephens


You can own all of this valuable material ($1200+value)
For only $299!
Order the Pro EFT Mp3 Package with the Mp3 Player

OR if you already have and Mp3 player...Order the downloads instead.
You'll get all of the material on the player, plus the additional bonus material.
You'll get it all now and don't have to pay shipping costs.

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