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Our next EFT / Pro EFT Certification Assessment Program
will be July 20-22nd, 2012

Read the ways Pro EFT differs from basic EFT

"Wow. Just as EFT accomplishes in minutes or hours or what counseling does in months or years, Pro EFT accomplishes in minutes. We’re transforming our emotional inheritance into what is truly possible. I truly stand amazed that I come back home with a different future ahead of me."  Stephani Tran, Certified EFT Practitioner

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We have been teaching Levels 1, 2, 3 and the Ultimate Practitioner's Workshopsfor over 9 years. The National Alliance for Emotional Health (now EFT Institute,) was founded in 2003 by Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master. Our Certification Program provides a direct path to becoming a proficient, certified EFT, Pro EFT, MTT and AAMET practitioner.

Because Progressive EFT trains and certifies at the highest level, ours is the only program in the world where you can become Certified as a Progressive EFT™, Basic EFT, MTT and AAMET practitioner at one time. Our certifications are based on; your knowledge, proficiency, skill and depth of experience of tapping. It also includes live demonstrations of your application and competence with the art of tapping.

Pro EFT certification is quite an accomplishment for those who pass, and it will matter to your clients and colleagues! We pledge that your title will not be taken away from you (as long as you abide by the rules and regulations provided by AAMET and Pro EFT.)

Qualification steps toward Pro EFT/ EFT / AAMET Certification (details provided by following the hyperlinks):

  1. Meet the minimum workshops requirements for Advanced Courses
  2. Complete the requisite number of client hours
  3. Successfully complete our Progressive Certification Program
  4. Successfully complete the classroom tests, including written, oral and proficiency evaluations, while working with live clients in the classroom.
  5. Agree to the code of ethics and conduct as set forth by AAMET.org

1) Complete our Advanced Courses *(Pro EFT Workshop Levels 1-3) OR, complete another qualified AAMET trainer's Levels 1 and 2, plus our Ultimate Practitioner's Workshop. (Level 3 is included in our Ultimate Practitioner's Workshop and our Practitioners Intensives)

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Important Notes:

  • You may also qualify by successfully completing certified trainer's Level 1 and 2 workshop (as long as they are recognized by AAMET or the EFT Institute as a qualified practitioner and facilitator.) However, you must complete our Level 3 Ultimate Practitioner's Workshop to qualify for the our Certification Assessment Program for Progressive EFT™.
  • If you have attended someone else's basic EFT Level 3 course you may attend our certification assessment program to receive a basic AAMET EFT certification only (contingent on your passing the other requirements.)
  • Additionally, you may take our Level 1 and 2 Web-classes (live or pre-recorded webinars) plus our live Ultimate Practitioners Workshop™ and by passing the written tests can qualify to take the certification assessment, with the requisite client hours.

What does not qualify you for the Certification Program: Watching EFT DVDs, or holding basic EFT certs 1, 2 or 3 are not enough to qualify you to attend the Certification Assessment Program. Nor does having a Ph.D. or having been a practitioner for x number of years alone qualify you.


Our Progressive material goes far beyond what is taught in basic EFT courses or EFT DVDs or manual. So if you have not completed our UPW training you would not likely pass our certification assessment program.

Lisa, Lynn and Jenny-Viva, some of our wonderful
workshop Practitioner Assistants

2) The second step for certification is to achieve a minimum of 150 client hours. These are total hours, not 150 sessions, nor 150 clients. The 150 hours can include non-paying clients. You are responsible for keeping your own log of clients, with their contact information, which may be requested. We trust your integrity with this, but we will know if you haven't put in the time.

There is nothing as valuable for competence like actual tapping experience, with many different clients and issues to help you establish confidence, wisdom, judgment and expertise. However, to do that you need to have a solid background of training.

Note: You may still participate in this program even if you do not have the requisite 150 client hours. However, assuming you pass the proficiency and written exams during the class, you must still complete the minimum hours required before receiving your certification. We recommend that you have a minimum of 100 hours of practice with individuals to attend the program.

3) The third step in becoming an EFT or Pro EFT Certified Practitioner is to successfully complete our Certification Assessment Program This is a 3-day program includes review, written testing and proficiency testing. The latter consists of our staff observing candidates working with each other and volunteer clients, brought in from the "real world." You will be evaluated on a number of areas of proficiency.

Important Notes:

  • By completing the requirements of the Certification Assessment Program you will not be required to do case studies, client videos and audios, which are otherwise required to become a certified EFT Practitioner. You must, however, complete and pass the Pro EFT Certification Assessment Program and testing.
  • It is not necessary to take the Pro EFT Certification Assessment Program to become a certified AAMET practitioner (although it is a learning experience and allows you to skip the case study requirement.)
  • The Certification Assessment Program is, however, necessary to become a Certified Pro EFT Practitioner.
  • Regardless of your past training or skill it is highly recommended that you attend our Pro EFT Mentoring Webinars.

Read how Pro EFT differs from basic EFT


4) The four step is to pass the written, oral and proficiency testing done in the class. MTT certifications require that you also pass an online test. There will be a small additional fee for that (not associated with LKcoaching.com) The purpose of this 3-day program is to ensure the knowledge, skill and proficiency necessary to hold a Progressive EFT, MTT, EFT or AAMET

NOTE: Only those who pass our standards of expertise will be awarded a Certification title. Not everyone will pass at the completion of the course. Those who do not pass, however, may be granted the award, title and certificate at a later date, when they fulfill any lacking elements of the requirements. Additional charges may apply for further testing or observation.

5) Step 5 is simply to agree to and sign the code of ethics and conduct as set forth by AAMET.org The code of ethics requires that you to take continuing education courses or study to maintain your title. It also requires mentoring for which we offer many options, including our 10-part webinar mentoring webinar.


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Location for the Pro EFT Certification Assessment Program
Novato Oaks Inn, Novato, CA

Dates and Times: July 20-22nd 9am - 6pm

Tuition: $395

Other logistics and details, like travel and accommodations, will be made sent to you once you have registered.

If after reading the above material you feel you are qualified and ready to register,
click the button below to sign up for this program.

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If you live outside of North America, and qualify for the Certification
Program detailed above, you may be able to take our online
"Remote Certification" webinar, offered as need demands. Click here for more info.
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