The EFT Institute
(Formerly The National Alliance for Emotional Health)
presents the
Pro EFT™ Practitioners Intensive
May 23-27th

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Our first Intensive Sept. '08

This unique five-day course offers a powerful, fast-track toward
becoming an excellent EFT or a Pro EFT™ Practitioner
And it counts toward certification requirements

Read how Pro EFT differs from basic EFT

Our exclusive Practitioners Intensive is ideal for those who wants to learn advanced meridian tapping efficiently and Lindsayprofessionally. Pro EFT is not "your father's Oldsmobile". If you're too young to know that saying, just know that Pro EFT goes well beyond the basics of traditional EFT. Whether you want to become a Practitioner or integrate Tapping into your business or life, this the most efficient and effective way to accomplish that.

You must have had some Pro EFT experience, however before attending this class. But we've made it easy for you to do it! The Intensive starts at Level 3 and goes beyond that quickly, so you'll be glad you have the additional Pro EFT background. Lindsay Kenny

I have taken countless workshops and classes, but the Progressive EFT Practitioner’s Intensive was the very best.  Several consecutive days of learning and tapping taught me so much (even though I have studied and taught EFT for years.) It also gave me many opportunities to work on my own issues.  Lindsay and Zoe are exceptional, gifted teachers and healers.  It was an extraordinary, life-affirming experience.  I highly recommend it!"Dr. Kiya Immergluck, PhD

Practitioners Intensive Logistics:

FAQs About the Intensive

Dates: May 23 - 27th,
Wednesday through Sunday
9 am to 5:30 pm daily, with optional evening practice sessions or events

Where: Venue and Accommodations- The Novato Oaks Inn, located 20 minutes north of the he Golden Gate Bridge.

NovatoOaks Novato
The Novato Oaks Inn:
215 Alameda del Prado, Novato, CA  94949   

It is important that participants stay at the hotel if possible, so we have negotiated some nice room rates for you. We'll have some evening events, tapping with each other and socializing. And you’ll want to stay there, it's a lovely hotel, for a low price (for the Bay Area.)

Our negotiated price for the rooms are $126/night if booked 30 days before the event. The price includes free breakfast, free parking and many other perks. Hotel and sales taxes will be added to the room prices.

If you want to share a room or ride, let us know and we'll try to pair you up with others. Please understand that we don't know most of the participants at this point, any better than you do. So please make sure you are a match before committing to sharing a room. We don't want to become the "room police" or "road rage referees" :-)

Follow this link for driving directions or more information about this beautiful hotel:

How do I qualify to attend?
Anyone may attend who has completed our Pro EFT™ Level 1 and 2 workshops (use Option 1.) or our Level 1 and 2 online webinars, which we make available by recording as registration options (See options 2 or 3)

AAMET EFT Certified, THE Certification body for EFT

Registration Options : There are 3 payment options, so please read all three options below before choosing the one that matches your experience level:

Option 1 (option 1 details below) - This option is for those who have already completed our Pro EFT™ Level 1 and 2 Workshops you can come right in without any additional preparation. However, If you have attended a regular level 1 and 2, see option 2 below.

Option 2 (option 2 details below) is for people have attended another trainer's basic Level 1 and 2 EFT workshops but who have NOT taken our Pro EFT™ Level 2 workshop.

It's important that you catch up on Progressive EFT techniques so you'll be comfortable in this 5-day Advanced Pro EFT™ course. Here's how:

- Participate in four live (or recorded) Pro EFT™ Webinars which will cover important Pro EFT™ techniques, not included in basic EFT courses.
- Pass our written Level 1 and 2 exams associated with these courses.
- Watch up to 8 optional pre-recorded Level 1 and 2 webinars (provided at no cost to you when you register for the Intensive).
- Join and participate in our Tapping Buddies Program (free with the Intensive,) to practice what you will be learning with other Pro EFT graduates or students.

Read more about why you need this additional training

Option 3 (option 3 details below) is for those new to EFT (or people who have not completed an approved Level 2 EFT workshop. You need to successfully complete the following requirements, even if you are familiar with EFT but haven't taken an approved Level 1 and 2 Workshop:

- Successfully complete our recorded Level 1 and 2 Pro EFT™ Webinars and optionally 4 live webinars
- Pass the written Level 1 and 2 exams associated with these courses.
- Join and participate in our Tapping Buddies Program (free with the Intensive,) in order to practice what you will be learning with other Pro EFT graduates or students.

Read more about why you need this additional training


Option 1: $695 Choose this option if you have taken our Pro EFT Level 1 and 2 courses

Again, this option is for those who have already taken our Pro EFT Level 1 & 2 workshops.

Option1 Option 1 Tuition: $695


Additional Payment Options available at the bottom of the page

Option 2: $795 Choose this option if you have completed another trainer's basic Level 1 and 2 EFT workshops, but have NOT taken our Pro EFT™ workshops.

This option includes the 5-day Intensive, 4 Pro EFT™ recorded webinars and 8 optional webinar recordings. It also includes over $500 in bonus material.

We have reduced the price of the 8 required Pro EFT™ Level 2 webinars from $359 to $98 and are including 4 optional webinars (covering Pro EFT Level 1 material)

register_opt2Option 2 Tuition: $795 This option includes over $500 in additional bonus material and the Tapping Buddies Program

Read more about why you need this additional training

level 2
Level 1 and 2 Webinars- videos and audios, included in Options 2 and 3

Read more about these webinars or register for them separately

Option 3: $895 For those new to EFT or those who have not taken a Pro EFT Level 1 and 2 workshop.

We have reduced the price of these 18 required webinars from $469 to $199 and they are included in the Price of Option 3. You also receive an addition $500 in additional bonuses.

registerTuition: $895 This includes the bonuses as well as all of the webinars; 6 Level 1 webinars and 8 Level 2 recordings. It also includes over $500 in additional bonus material and the Tapping Buddies Program.

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Cancellation policy:You will receive over $300 of downloads upon registering so there can be no full refunds. However, if you find that you cannot attend the Intensive and cancel prior to 30 days before the course we will refund your tuition, minus a $200 processing fee. No refunds will be given after 30 days prior to the course. However, you can keep the bonus material received and may optionally apply all of your tuition toward a future Practitioners Intensive or our Ultimate Personal Transformation Program.

is it?

is it?

What Questions do you have?

Why Should I Attend?

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How do I Qualify?

Registration Pricing and Options


What does this course include?
Tuition for this 5-day Practitioners Intensive includes:
Over $500 in free teleclass audios on common issues; anger, stress, shame, guilt, weight, procrastination, Law of Attraction, clutter, pain and illness, and much more!
* A comprehensive Pro EFT workbook and other handouts
An incredible resource worth thousands of dollars...that is priceless. We will present  this phenomenal asset during the first day of the course.

* Free parking
* Up to 18 Pro EFT Webinars (included in Options 2 and 3)

And there's more... You will also receive:

  • Incomparable hands-on experiences, knowledge and skills (details below)
  • Other special, priceless, surprises
  • Plus ALL of the below benefits!
  • For health-care professionals we offer 40 CEUs or CEs for RNs, MFTs and LCSWs
    Some of the March '09 Intensive grads on the last-day

Registration Pricing and Options

Why should I attend this instead of a regular Level 3? The benefits of doing the Practitioners Intensive are priceless and too numerous to mention. But here are some of them:

  1. This course fast-tracks your learning curve from 2 years to less than a week. You'll acquire more knowledge, confidence, skills and experience than most practitioners can accumulate in two years or more!
  2. We provide you with everything; tools, practice, expertise, hands-on training, expert guidance, endless Q and A, materials, processes and SO much more. All in 5 days. All you need to add is more experience.
  3. This course actually saves you time and money by traveling only once, and it consolidates your costs. About 60% of our courses are from out of state or from other countries like; South Africa, India, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Norway, Canada and even Texas!
  4. You'll learn what works and what doesn't work, avoiding costly errors others have made. You'll learn form our errors and experience and save a lot of time and headaches.
  5. You'll have access to FREE materials available only to our Advanced Pro EFT graduates.
  6. You'll learn techniques and processes that will set you apart from 95% of the Energy Practitioners out there.
  7. You will be producing astoundingly better results than if you go it on your own.
  8. You get a wealth of FREEBIES - worth far more than cost of the class.
  9. The synergy from the course will give you confidence and experience you can't get anywhere else.
  10. You'll meet people who will become life-long friends, from around the world.
  11. You'll break through your own issues while practicing your skills with others.
  12. If you like surprises, you'll get a LOT of very cool ones in this class!
  13. You'll have tons of laughs and fun

This course provides 40 CEUs or CEs for RNs, MFTs, Acupuncturists and LCSWs

More about what's included in the Practitioners Intensive

Registration Pricing and Options

Who's teaching this course?

Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master, Certified AAMET Trainer of Trainers and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, with over 10 years of EFT experience. She is also founder of the EFT Institute (formerly the National Alliance for Emotional Health.)

"This course fast-tracks your expertise with EFT to Pro EFT™ in 5 exciting days. You will garner skills, tools, expertise, processes and materials that would cost thousands of dollars and many years to acquire on your own."

During the Intensive you will be practicing what you've learned by tapping with the facilitators, our assistants and other students to work through your own issues. You will have more than enough time for practice, experience and assimilation.

Additionally, the Practitioners Intensive provides a definitive way to qualify for our Certification Assessment Program. The Intensive gets you over 90% of the way to certification in just 5 days (after completing the Level 1 and 2 requirements.)


Seating is limited, so you MUST pre-register to attend.
We expect this Intensive to fill up quickly, as did our previous ones, so
Register Now to secure your position

Read what previous graduates have written about our advanced workshops



Why you need Pro EFT experience before attending this course:

The itinerary during these 5 days will take you beyond basic tapping through the magic of Progressive EFT processes. Then on to the steps of unitednationsbecoming a practitioner. You need to already know the Golden Gate Technique, Bundling Baggage, Reversal Neutralization, Muscle Testing, Belief Busting Technique, and others.

Read how Pro EFT differs from basic EFT


"Why do I have to do Level 1 and 2 recordings....
- "I've already done Level 1 and 2 with someone else"...
- "I've read the EFT manual and have watched the EFT DVD's"...
- "I've been using EFT for months/years"...

- "I'm already an EFT Practitioner!"...

If any of these (or other reasons) are your arguments for wanting to skip the Level 1 and 2 webinars for our Intensive here's why that won't work: Our "Progressive EFT courses and processes are not taught anywhere else, or in other Levels 1, 2 or 3. In our first two levels we go far beyond conventional or required material by teaching the following:

  • Muscle Testing
  • Advanced tapping techniques
  • Recognizing and dealing with Reversals (all three kinds)
  • Advanced Choices Method (the Trio)
  • The Golden Gate Technique
  • The Bundling Baggage Technique
  • Tapping Into Your Intuition
  • Dealing with pain, disease and trauma
  • How to define and deal with complex issues
  • Belief Busting Technique
  • and more!

Can you see why you would be behind if you joined us without knowing these techniques, concepts or processes? The most common phrase we here during our Level 1 and 2 classes is "I didn't realize how much I didn't know until this class." And not knowing would hold the rest of the class back while you asked questions or tried to get caught up. Plus, in doing dyads, you wouldn't know how to handle their issues using these processes or techniques, which wouldn't be fair to you or your dyad partner. If you don't know what a dyad is, then there's another reason skipping the first three days wouldn't work. :-)

Much of this is said with tongue-in-cheek and a smile. But I'm serious about this requirement. We will not waive you through without your having passed our Level 1 and 2 classes. As your mother used to say "You'll thank me for this someday." :-) Back to the registration choices

Other options: If you have taken basic Levels 1 and 2 elsewhere, you can still join us in the Intensive by selecting Option 2. We will catch you up then. Thanks for understanding and we hope you decide to join us!

Lindsay :-)

More about our advanced Pro EFT™ Processes and Techniques- Included in our Intensive and Pro EFT™ Ultimate Practitioners Workshops

  • The Personal Power Process (this is quite different from the Personal Peace Procedure)
  • Relationship Remedy
  • Role Reversal Technique
  • Handling trauma and difficult cases (including physical and emotional abuse)
  • Using Pro EFT effectively with the Law of Attraction
  • The Ultimate Truth Statement for intangible issues or achieving goals
  • Dealing with procrastination, weight loss, clutter, and other hard-to-measure issues
  • The "Art of Tapping," including re-framing and pre-framing, using humor in sessions and establishing client rapport
  • Maximizing and utilizing your intuitive powers
  • Doing effective, compassionate client sessions
  • Protecting yourself from client issues

Business and Private-Practice Issues -
Necessities for becoming an accomplished practitioner

  • Setting up your business
  • How to effectively market your practice
  • How to promote yourself
  • Licensing, insurance issues and more
  • Accepting credit cards
  • Website information
  • Adding products to your practice
  • Templates for written materials: brochures, business cards and more
  • Doing phone sessions
  • Recording your sessions
  • Rapid note-taking
  • What NOT to do; avoiding mistakes new practitioners always make
  • What to refer out to others
  • Incredible tips for becoming an Ultimate Practitioner
  • This course provides 40 CEU's or CE's for RNs, MFT's, Acupuncturists and LCSW's



Whether you are a health care professional, therapist, coach, fireman, attorney, homemaker or house-husband, realtor or tennis pro, this Intensive can help you integrate Pro EFT into your business life at an advanced level



Practice makes Excellent

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Seating is limited, so you MUST pre-regis
ter to attend.
We expect this Intensive to fill up quickly, as did our previous ones, so

Register Now to secure your position.


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The Practitioners Intensive does not certify you in EFT. However, it's an important step that gets you 90% of the way there. You must still get practice under your belt and take our Certification Assessment Program or other assessment program. Read more about our 3-day Certification Assessment Program now and how to qualify to attend.

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More details about the venue, logistics, travel details and more will be provided upon your registration. If you have any questions not answered above please feel free to contact us


Additional Payment Options
For your convenience we offer to split your payment into two parts.

For Option 1 you can pay $295 now and the balance due no by April 23rd. Use this link for the first payment for option 1

For Option 2 you can pay $395 now and the balance due no by April 23rd Use this link for the first payment for Option 2

For Option 3 you can pay $495 now and the balance due by April 23rd Use this link for the first payment for Option 3

Use this Link to pay the $400 balance of your tuition - due no later than April 23rd

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