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Project Helping Hand
Project Information page

This page is for Team Members Only
(or perspective members- Level 3 Graduates)
Please do not share this page with the public
The Shortcut back here is: TinyUrl.com/ProjectHelpingHand2011

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When we are further along you may share
The public page with everyone >> www.ProjectHelpingHand.com

But please, not yet!!

(Read it now yourself to get a sense of last's year's team efforts)


All related material on Project Helping Hand
will be posted on this page.
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“Individual commitment to a group effort; that is what makes a team work,
a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”
Vince Lombardi


Qualifications to become a Team Member in Project Helping Hand:

  • You must be an EFT or Pro EFT Level 3 graduate (OR a be a highly experienced practitioner, with at least 3 years of practitioner-level experience)
  • You must be a good team player (or willing to learn how to be one) and open to doing tasks that may seem beneath you.
  • You need to be willing to put in time (that you think you don't have) for a cause bigger than yourself
  • You need to be genuinely interested in making a difference, in a BIG way.
  • It would help if you are resourceful, pro-active and have a can-do attitude. OR, be willing to work with people who are. While we provide a lot of guidance and support in your chosen project, we won't hold your hand. But we will help you find someone with whom to tap about it.
  • Be a leader, become a leader or be willing to support a leader. :-)

If you think you qualify keep reading and get started. If you're not sure
email us with your qualifications and we'll help you decide. :-)

Steps to Participating in the Project Helping Hand Teams

1) FIRST Please read the Project Assignment Document
This is the MOST important document to read. It gives the parameters of the project.

2) Watch the webinar video replay of the introduction to this program

You may optionally download only the audio portion of this webinar

3) Download the handouts from this class (very important)
- Specialties and Niches
- PowerPoint Handouts

4) Find a Partner and a Project for 2011!!! (see below for that)

NEW Requests for Partners - Check for new postings here

Team members list- those who want to participate; need a partner or or teams to join their teams: contact info (to be posted as participants respond)
Partipants e-mail list
(to be posted as teams form)

Project Teams: (below are the 2010 teams...used only as examples)
To see details on what these teams produced visit the public page (
under construction for this year's projects) Please do not share that page with the public just yet.

  • Project Giving Hope: Support for cancer victims and survivors www.Project Giving Hope
  • Project "Tapping for Teens" Pro EFT help for challenged teens www.TappingforTeens.org
  • Project Womens' Health: Helping women Tap Away fear of medical proceedures.
  • Project Economic Stimulus: For those who have lost jobs due to the economy
  • Project Positive Pregnancy - for fears and anxiety around giving birth or dealing with infants

All related material on Project Helping Hand will be posted on this page.
Please save this link

Click here to read about the Mentoring Webinar / Teleclass
program. If you are a Level 3 / UPW graduate there is still time to enroll in the
remaining 6 live classes, if you promise to watch the previously recorded ones
you've missed.)

Please let us know how you would like to participate. We will post your favorite cause or specialty below. You don't have to have it "figured out" yet, everyone is exploring ideas now. Just let us know what interests you. (See the handout on Specialties and Niches above for ideas)
Then e-mail Katherine, my assistant and Project Coordinator, if you want anything posted here or need help with a partner or choosing a team to join.

Partner Requests 2011

Who Project Niche

JoAnn Skywatcher joann.skywatcher@gmail.com



Natasha Tanev
Valerie Ozsu

Save Our Children
The fight against vaccines

Russ Beauchene
Bill Dovel

From Anger to Peace

For angry young men.
Hello Everyone,This is Russ.I would love to get involved in a project and I would like to know if anyone would like to join me.
(Click to read more.)

Bernard Valdenaire
Law of Attraction Public Speakers (sales people, actors, managers etc.)

Mary Smith
Ann Smith

Project being defined  

Russ: Anger Management (continued)

My main area of interest for this project is anger management.
I have worked with a few people on anger issues with success.
I have found that anger is not an original emotion.
It is a response to other emotions that feel powerless or helpless.
Because we don’t want to feel powerless or helpless we respond with whatever will feel more powerful to us.
Unfortunately, that is anger a lot of the time.
I have found that once the underlying feelings of powerlessness and helplessness are dealt with the anger seems to just dissipate.
All of this is stated in a simplified way here.
I would be glad to go further with it with anyone who wants to include it in a project.
I have not picked a niche to work with yet and I would be glad to work with anger management in any niche that anyone wants to work in.
I think that most niches would have an anger component involved.
Please let me know if you would like to get involved on a project on anger management or if you would like to have me as a part of your team using anger management as part of the project.
I would love to hear from anyone who would like me to work with them.
(Return to List







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