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LK... FAQs About Tapping

... FAQs About Lindsay coaching sessions or fees

...FAQs About becoming a Practitioner, becoming certified and workshops


FAQs About Tapping; EFT, Pro EFT and MTT

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FAQs About Lindsay or an appointment for coaching
and questions about workshops or becoming a practitioner …

For Lindsay's history with tapping and a treasure trove of information about EFT and Tapping, please visit our Media Page and About Us

Note: If there are any questions not answered here, please e-mail us , and we will try to answer them for you. If it is a frequent question, we will add it to the answers below.  Lindsay does not off consultations by e-mail, however. So, if you have an issue that needs clearing, please set up an appointment with via her Executive Assistant, Katherine.  


Answers to FAQs About Tapping

Q. How or why is Pro EFT™ different from traditional EFT?

A. Read this document to see the many different ways we differ from basic EFT. How Pro EFT™ is different from traditional EFT It will explain everything. :-) If you're new to EFT just know that by learning Progressive EFT from the beginning you will get the Basics and Beyond. We cover traditional EFT and teach more efficient, effective EFT as we go. You'll love it.

Q. If I take one of your live courses or webinars will I still learn basic EFT?

A. Absolutely. Basic tapping is the foundation of our workshops. And by doing them, along with other requirements you can qualify for not only EFT certification, but Pro EFT and AAMET certifications as well.

Q. Where can I learn Progressive EFT™?

A. ProEFT is taught exclusively in Lindsay Kenny's workshops or by certified Pro EFT trainers. ( If you don't live in the Bay Area and traveling is challenging, we offer an exclusive 5-day "Pro EFT Practitioners Intensive." We take you from zero to 100 during that time (assuming you have Level 1 and 2 experience,) to being a proficient practitioner. You can also download some of the techniques taught in these classes on this page or our Products page.

Q. Why do I have to say negative statements?

A. This is indeed a frequently asked question and a valid one. By stating the problem (usually something negative) it brings to the surface feelings and emotions about an event or issue, alerting the body and our sensitive energy system where the blockage might be (remember, the cause of all negative emotions is a blockage in the body’s energy system). By saying the negative but true statement while stimulating the meridians, you are sending tiny vibrations or shock waves throughout your energy pathways. By doing so, you are gently nudging away the blockage or disruption that causes the negative emotion.  Read More here....

Q. Does Pro EFT™ use the same tapping points as Basic EFT?

A. Yes we do. But we also use additional tapping points. The body has 14 meridians that spread into hundreds of meridian pathways running throughout the body. These energy pathways come to the surface in several places such as the face, head, upper torso, spine and wrists. You can just doing the basic tapping “shortcut” points ; EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, CB, UA. However, by adding three additional points, the inside of the wrists, liver spot (over the liver on the right side), and the crown of the head, you are engaging the other five additional meridians, therefore increasing your effectiveness rate by over 56%.

With Pro EFT we also tap on both sides of the body for more efficient results. We do not use the finger points, however, since we pick up those meridians while tapping with both hands and using the wrist point. Click here to wee our graphic of the bilateral tapping points or to purchase it for use in your brochures or website Read More here....

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Q. How does tapping work for relationship issues? 

A. Relationship challenges are just symptoms of a bigger, underlying cause. There's ALWAYS something underneath the problems: jealousy, anger, frustration, hate, guilt, etc. Often the man reminds the woman of her controlling father or the wife reminds the husband of his dominant, non-affectionate mother (or whatever.) The good news is that Pro EFT even has a specific technique for dealing with contentious relationships... Read More here....

Q. Can tapping be used on children, the infirm or pets?

A. Yes, EFT can be used on virtually anyone (including pets) with good results. For babies, pets, the elderly and those unable to tap themselves, you can use Surrogate Tapping, which is tapping on yourself, for them. Read More here....

Q. How long do I have to tap to get results?

A. The short answer is: Until you get the result you want.  Normally you can resolve an issue in 3-4 rounds, which only takes a few minutes. Simple issues are particularly quick and easy to deal with. Sometimes, however, it may take 5-6 rounds, or even 10 or more to resolve a difficult issue, especially if you are tapping on and for yourself. You may need to go through several “doors,” look at many different aspects and dig for the core issue, to get the optimal end result of complete resolution. That takes time and expertise. Read More here....

Q. Why is it important to know my SUDs level and what does SUDs stand for?

A. SUDs stands for Subjective Units of Distress (the ‘s’ at the end is superfluous, but is commonly used anyway). SUDs is simply the charge on an issue, i.e. how upset are you about it? It’s important to know your intensity level so your body knows where it needs to go to unblock a meridian.

If you simply say, “I’m really upset” that doesn’t give you much information. If you can put a number to it, say a 9, for instance, even if it’s subjective, you at least have a guesstimate of a starting point. Then as you tap and get in touch with your decreasing SUDs level on subsequent rounds, you’ll know you’re making progress. You’ll also have a handle on how far you still need to go to completely resolve an issue. Read More here....

Q. What if I don't know my intensity level?

A. It’s not always easy to figure out, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much your shoulder hurts, or how angry you are at your brother-in-law, or how afraid of spiders you are. At best, it’s a subjective guess.But it's important to know where you are for several reasons. Read More here....

Q. How do I deal with an intangible issue or get a SUDs rating on it?  What if I have a problem like procrastination or lack confidence around new employees, or want to lose 30 pounds, or I'm just stuck and can't get going? How do I measure or test issues like that? 

A. To deal with intangible or hard-to-measure issues, I recommend Pro EFT's Ultimate Truth Statement. Read More here....

Q. Does Tapping work for…? (whatever)

A. One of the most common questions EFT Practitioners hear is, “Can EFT help with…. PTSD, diabetes, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, pimples, etc?”  To which we almost always respond, “Probably! Try it on everything!” A more thorough and accurate answer, however, would be: “Many others have experienced great results with your issue, so it is highly likely that you will get resolution too.” It’s safe to say that EFT has been tried on just about every issue, problem or physical ailment you can imagine. Read More here....

Q. Can Tapping be integrated with the Law of Attraction?

A. Yes and we do it. Big Time. Lindsay utilizes elements of the Law of Attraction in virtually every session and course.

In fact, Pro EFT has joined with Dr. Patricia Carrington for not only a 6-week program "Attracting Exactily What you Want" for also for a monthly membership site. Read about the course at this link:


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Q. What’s the best way to learn Tapping?

A. There's so much to tapping that you should take several routes. Meridian Tapping is elegant in its simplicity; however, there is SO much more to it than meets the eye. Tapping is effective for hundreds of simple issues and can be self-applied; however, for more complex issues you should see an experienced practitioner.  Read More here.... 


Q. Why should I go beyond Basic EFT if it's working for me? And what if I just want Basic EFT?

A. Basic EFT does work. It's how we all got started and what most practitioners use. However, Progressive EFT is more efficient. It's also easier to learn and produces faster results. So why wouldn't you want to use it? :-) Read More here....

Q. I’ve tried EFT, but it’s just not working for ME. What now?

A. When people try EFT for chronic or complex issues, and aren’t getting the results they want, they may think EFT just isn’t working for "them." Others think that maybe the testimonials they’ve heard aren’t real. Actually, neither is true.  Read More here.... 

Q. What’s the difference between Simple and Complex issues?

A. First let me broadly define “Simple” issues: Typically, simple issues are problems that have these common elements: :

  • Single-faceted, like the hiccups, or your boss embarrassed you at the sales meeting, or you’re disappointed that you didn’t get the promotion you wanted, or you’re stressed after a tough day at work. 
  • Recent, as opposed to something that happened years ago, or has been going on for a long time.
  • Measurable: If you can't easily measure it, then it's complex. For instance, weight, procrastination, clutter, addictions and insomnia can't be easily measure. You might be able to say the problem is a 10, but how would you put a number on insomnia? How would you know what to tap on? What would you be measuring if you were tapping on a weight issue? These complex issues, and many more should be handed over to a skilled practitioner to work on with you. Read More here.... 

Q. What words and phrases do I use?

A.  This is a simple question, but the answer is not as simple. And it is one of the most frequently asked questions.. The easy answer is this simple formula: Add an acceptance affirmation to your problem, such as, “Even though I have this __________(fill in your issue), I deeply and completely accept myself.”  However, there is a bit more to it than that (see the above question about complex issues.) What’s important is your intention.

If you know exactly what you are tapping on (the shame about your clutter or weight problem, for example,) then your intention to clear it is more important than the perfect words. Some phrases are more effective than others, of course, but your intention and focus help with the battle of the words..  Try it different ways, until you get the result you want. Read More here....

 Q. How many sessions will it take to deal with my issue?

A. There isn't an easy, pat answer to this question. It's like saying "how long should wine be aged?" There are so many variables among people and issues that it could take 1 session or 5. Some might even be10 or more than that. Complex issues, weight issues, abuse, trauma and many others often take several sessions. However, in most cases it shouldn't take more than 1 or two sessions to deal with a single issue.

Often I'm done with an issue in 30 minutes, depending on the circumstances. I find that we can often deal with 1-3 issues per session. However, many people have multiple issues making it hard to tell without really getting into the matter. Read More here....

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Q. Why do I sometimes feel worse after a session?

A. It’s not uncommon for people to experience a negative reaction after (or during) a tapping session, especially if you are tapping for yourself. Since this is a long answer, I've written an article about it. Six Rare Reasons Why You might Feel Worse. It's free, btw.

Q. Will prescription medications interfere with tapping?

A. The short answer is, "Yes, they can." But not necessarily. Prescription medications, especially mind-altering ones; pain killers, anti-depressants, anxiety meds, etc. can cause a General Polarity Reversals. However, medications don't always cause Polarity's only one of the possibilities to look at, and it affects only some people. Just as some people are allergic to wheat, most people can eat it safely. Read More here....

Q. Do the results last?

A. Yes, almost always. If an issue is completely dealt with during a tapping session, then it should be gone for good. The "logic" says that any problem that can be relieved that fast must be temporary. Lasting results, at least in the minds of most people, must take time to produce.

Not so -- tapping results are usually permanent. The case histories are filled with people who have had lasting results...even though the problem was relieved in moments. This is still more evidence that EFT is addressing the true cause of the problem. Otherwise, the remedy would not be so long-lasting. Read More here....

Q. How does Tapping handle emotional problems that are very intense and/or have been with me for a very long time?

A. We do actually handle chronic or old issues differently from those that just happened, such as cutting your finger in the kitchen. When we carry anger, grief, guilt shame or other intense emotions for a long time, they become habitual and even addictive. To eliminate the trauma, emotion or negative learning around an old issue, we must first neutralize the inevitable "subconscious resistance to change" or Reversals. The good news is that it's usually very simple to do that. Read more about Reversals on our Pro EFT Processes page.

Q. How does EFT deal with one's need to understand their problem?

A. This is one of the most astonishing features about Tapping. A shift in a person's understanding of their problem happens simultaneously with the relief. After doing EFT, people talk about and see their problem differently with a healthier perspective. The typical rape victim, for example, no longer carries a deep fear and distrust of men. It is not important to know what caused your issue or how to fix it. That is a job for your coaching or Tapping Practitioner. Read More here....

Q. How does EFT deal with stress and anxiety?

A. In EFT, stress and anxiety have the same cause as all other negative emotions...a disruption in the body's energy system. Accordingly, they are addressed with tapping in the same as any other emotional issue. Anxiety has a specific meaning in clinical psychology. It refers to an intense fear or dread lacking an unambiguous cause or a specific threat. In EFT, however, we give it a much broader definition to include that general state of uneasiness which is more commonly known as anxiety. Under that definition stress and anxiety fall into the same category. Read More here....

Q. How does Tapping help with sports performance? 

A. Ask any accomplished athlete and they will tell you emphatically that their mental set is critical to their performance. The difference between good days and bad days for the athlete is almost always due to emotional causes. Barring sickness, the athlete always brings the same highly skilled body into the field of battle. The only thing that changes is the effect that emotions have on the body. Read More here....

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LKAnswers to FAQs about Lindsay and EFT Coaching

Q. What are your fees and availability?

A. For details on Fees, special package rates, phone sessions and other coaching-related services, please visit our Fees page and/or our Life Coaching page

Services I offer my clients:

  • Free digital recordings of your phone sessions
  • Numerous free downloads
  • Some free tele-class audios
  • Free long distance calls for phone sessions. I'll call you (within the Continental U.S.), thus saving you toll charges
  • Read more on our Fees Page and Coaching Page.

We accept
m  v

Read more about the pre-paid packages by clicking here.

To set an appointment, please contact us at 800-925-8506, (24/7 voicemail). If you need to talk to me about something other than appointment times the best way to reach me is by e-mail (I’m in sessions all day, or returning phone calls or e-mails. I return EVERY e-mail, so if you don't hear back from me in a couple of days then I didn't get your message. That happens more frequently than you'd imagine. So if you don't hear from us please resend your email. "-)

Q. Where are you located, and what are your hours?

A. I am in the San Francisco Bay area, which is PST (Pacific Time), and I take appointments from  11 AM to 5 PM (Monday through Thursday).  Let my assistant know your preferences for times (i.e. mornings, early afternoons, etc.), and she will do her best to accommodate you. Generally, we are booked out for 4-5 weeks in advance, but I do keep a waiting list in case an earlier time-slot opens up.

Q. Do you do sessions by phone and how can EFT work by phone? Find out more on the Fees
page or Coaching page.

A. Yes, I do Tapping by phone; in fact, about 90% of my clients are by phone and from all over the world.  Actually, most accomplished EFT practitioners work by phone, so the proximity to you should not be a factor in choosing your practitioner. It is more important to find an accomplished practitioner than to find someone who is convenient. That said, some people prefer in-person sessions.   Read More here....

Q. Can you help me find a practitioner….?

A. Finding the right practitioner for your needs is very important. Virtually all experienced practitioners work by phone and get the same results as in a live session. Read the below question and answer or  Read More about this one....

Q. Do you know someone who specializes in…? Or Can you personally recommend a practitioner?

A. This is a common question - and a fair one. However, any practitioner worth their salt can deal with virtually any “tappable” issue. All of us can easily eradicate anger, frustration, grief, phobias, stress, anxiety, heartache, and much more. However, for the more complex issues, such as rape, trauma, addictions, abuse, serious illnesses and weight issues, you might want to work with a more experienced practitioner or someone who specializes in your problem.

For instance, I have dealt with hundreds of abuse issues, as well as addictions. However, I prefer not to take those cases anymore, and now refer them to my colleagues who specialize in these areas. If you feel that you need a practitioner who specializes in your issue, click on go to our Preferred Practitioner page.  These are only Pro EFT Certified Practitioners or Pro EFT Level 3 graduates. To find non-Pro EFT practitioners try

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Practitioner, Workshop and Certification Questions

Q. Where can I find a workshop?

A. One of the best ways to learn how to tap is by doing a series of workshops form a qualified practitioner (start with Level 1 and then move up to 2 and 3). Visit our workshop page at, or for a workshop in your area, check out Or attend one of our online Level 1 and 2 Webinars

Q. How can I learn enough about Tapping Techniques to become a practitioner?

A. Although even beginner can generate impressive results with tapping, the more you learn and practice the more competent you will become. MTT (or EFT) is capable of far more than what you can learn by reading about it, but that’s a good place to start.  Here are some other options:

Q. If I take your Pro EFT Level 3 Workshop will I be certified?

A. No, you won't be quite ready yet for certification after taking our Level 3 course. Certification requires some additional steps, including a Certification Assessment Program. But hey, you'll be very close and you can still open a coaching practice after doing level 3! Read about certification requirements here.

Read about our Practitioner's Intensive It's Extraordinary!

Q. How does your certification program differ from others?

A. There are 3-4 entities that now certify EFT Practitioners and each has their own merits. Some are pretty good, others, not-so-much. We can speak only about our Pro EFT™ Certification Assessment Program We are the ONLY agency or organization (the EFT Institute) that certifies all of the major tapping modalities in one program: AAMET, EFT, Pro EFT™ and MTT. Here are more ways we differ from others who certify

LKPro EFT™ Certification is the highest level of certification available for these reasons:

  • We require that you complete all three levels of live workshops.
    • Level 1 and 2 can be done via another qualified trainer, or via our Level 1 and 2 Webinars. But you must participate in our Pro EFT Level 3 Workshop (via either our Ultimate Practitioners Workshop™ or our 5-Day Practitioners Intensive™.
    • Some certification bodies allow you to become practitioners without ever seeing you work, or taking a live class. Personally, I wouldn't want to see a doctor or therapist who had received their training from a manual or video.

  • You must pass rigorous verbal, written and proficiency testing during the Level 3 Workshop
  • You must complete a 3-day Certification Assessment Program™, where you are observed and critiqued by your trainers and peers.
  • Pro EFT™ is THE ONLY CERTIFICATION that requires live assessment. We and our students/graduates we feel it's worth it to ensure that people know how to handle virtually all issues they are likely to see.
  • You must complete 150 client hours with real clients (not mom and dad, or sister Sue.)

Read much more about our Pro EFT™ Certification Assessment Program

Read how and why Pro EFT differs from Basic EFT


Q. Do you offer a Pro EFT Masters Program?

A. YES and we're very proud of it! We graduated our first class of Pro EFT Masters in November of 2012. Read all about it here and how to participate in it.


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