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Upcoming Trainings and Workshops for 2011 and early 2012:
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Tap Away Weight Clinic, February 24-26th, 2012
Novato Oaks Inn, San Francisco Bay Area

Read about how our unique Ultimate Weight Release Program is not like any weight 'loss" diet or program you've ever seen

EFT Practitioners Intensive - a 5-day fast track to becoming a Pro EFT Practitioner. Spring, 2012

This recent email explains why love what we do...

Hi Lindsay,

What a tremendous class it was (Level 3.)  Here’s what I appreciate about your style of teaching: Vivid and riveting story telling that illustrates the context and purpose of the exercise; compassionate and effective techniques that bust through limitations; riotous and poignant humor to lighten it all up.

Wow. Just as EFT accomplishes in minutes or hours what counseling does in months or years, your Pro EFT accomplishes in minutes or hours what EFT would take months or years. We’re transforming our emotional inheritance into what is truly possible, instead of being trapped by the way it’s always been. I truly stand amazed that I come back to Maine with a different future ahead of me. Tracy McCullom, Maine

Read more testimonials from former students

Read about our unique EFT
Certification Assessment Program

Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master, Certified AAMET Trainer
and Zoe Walton, L.Ac. EFT-ADV

TTTLindsay Kenny is an EFT Master and Certified AAMET Trainer of Trainers - (AAMET is the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques

Our Pro EFT workshops are advanced tapping programs, taking you through the basics of EFT and well beyond. Our techniques enhance the effectiveness of tapping with innovative methods, processes and technology, beyond traditional EFT.

Pro EFT workshops apply toward requirements for EFT certification, as well as Pro EFT certification and AAMET certification. However, just taking the courses does not make you a certified practitioner. You must meet all of the requirements. Please read about our certification program

Read some of our amazing workshop testimonials

car4_nav.cmpMost of our workshops provide CE's or CEUs for MFT's, RN's, LCSW's and L.Ac.'s For instance, a 12 hour course would offer 12 CEU's for most courses.

View some fun pix of our Level 3, and Practitioner Intensive grads ___________________________________


Click here to read about our "Taffy Williams
Military Service Scholarship Program"
for all active military service men and women

Click here to read about our live or recorded Level 1 and 2 Web-classes

Click here if you have already taken a Level 1 and 2 (with us or someone else) and want to re-take our Pro EFT Level 1 and 2 at a discount  


Taffy Williams Military Service Scholarship: We are now providing 50% Pro EFT scholarships to all Taffy active US Military Service men and women. The "Taffy Williams
Military Service Scholarship Program" is available for all active and newly discharged US Vets.

"Taffy" as his friends call him, inspired us with his commitment to EFT by joining our Trainers the Trainers Course while on leave from Afghanistan. This is Taffy (he's not the bad-ass guy he looks like in this picture. :-) >>>>

So in honor of Taffy and all of our brave soldiers on duty, I've created the "Taffy Williams Pro EFT Military Service Scholarship." From now and until the US is out of Iraq and Afghanistan, all active military service men and women (including those who have retired or been honorably discharged within the past six months) will receive a 50% scholarship on all of our Pro EFT Workshops!

We are NOT limiting this to 4 scholarships or even 100! We
are giving 50% Scholarships toward ALL of our Pro EFT
workshops for ALL active U.S. military service people!

(Including those who have been honorably discharged within the past 6 months.)

PTSD is only one of many challenges our soldiers bring home. We know EFT can help alleviate their physical and emotional pain. Hopefully, these scholarships will motivate them to get help they need and deserve. This is one way we can support our troops who do so much for us.

Please contact us if you cannot find the scholarship link for "your" workshop.


Training Testimonials: here's an example...

"When I took your Level 1 and 2 Pro EFT workshops I was simply amazed by the effectiveness of the tools you shared.  I always have high expectations, and most workshops I’ve been to are disappointing because they lack content or are poorly presented.  This is probably the first workshop that I have ever been to that I would recommend to anyone without hesitation. If you’re on the website trying to figure out whether to take the workshop:  DO IT!  It will accelerate your work, and make your EFT practice (if you currently use EFT) at least 10 times more powerful and effective than it was before, or vault you to the ranks of highly effective practitioners in just a few days (if you are new to tapping.). I can’t even begin to describe how thrilled I am that I decided to sign up for this workshop.  All this, and we had so much fun, too.  Thank you, Lindsay and Zoe!" Susanne R. Principal


If you have already taken Level 1 and 2 from us, or another qualified EFT trainer, you can re-take either or both of these courses for $150, if space is available. This discount price for re-audits does not include the workbooks, which you can purchase at the door for $20.
reAudit_L1and2 Click here to re-take Level 1 and/or 2 for $150

Please include the dates of your previous workshop in the comments box on the registration page, along with the name(s) of your trainer(s)

Our live, in-person workshops are held in the San Francisco
Bay Area, unless otherwise stated

Read what past students have said about our workshops

Please click to read more on each workshop
Level 1
Basics of Tapping
and Beyond
Level 2 Intermediate, Innovative Tapping  

Tap Away Weight Programs

Level 3 The "Ultimate Practitioners Workshop"

Our Exclusive
Practitioners Intensive
All 3 Levels and more!

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Here are some of the things Dr. Eric Robins, M.D. had to say about his experiences after one of our workshops:

I used the techniques from your level 2 class and it made such a huge difference in several different ways:

 I knew how to structure the session better using the Golden Gate technique--- this helped my confidence

I was much more comfortable trusting the client to lead the session to where it needed to go. She had many more insights and breakthroughs than if I had been leading her.

I used some reversal statements to quickly get relief on a multitude of really heavy, long-standing life issues

I finally felt comfortable incorporating "Choices statements" into the sessions

I am really fine tuning and allowing my intuition to come through (and trusting it more).

All this from a guy who took level 1  eight years ago, and was using it regularly during that time. I would recommend your classes to anyone who wants to bring their EFT skills to a whole new level. For me as a guy, it was so important to see you and Zoe doing the therapy examples in class. It added a whole new "Yin" (gentle, loving, nurturing, sense of being equal to the client) perspective to my understanding of how the art of EFT is really done.

Eric B. Robins, MD
EFT Advisory Board Member
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Co-Author, "Your Hands Can Heal You"
Contributing Author, "The Heart of Healing"


About our Pro EFT Workshops

The objective of our workshops is to teach participants the non-invasive process of tapping, which can be used with people of all ages.  Used properly, tapping can quickly clear away blockages by opening the meridian system to its normal capacity. which allows pain or trapped emotional energy to flow freely.  

Tapping works with meridians that are out of balance (which is what causes negative emotions,) adding energy into the meridian, by tapping or rubbing at specific acupuncture sites.  At the same time, statements of intention are made that help clear these energy fields. Tapping has a balancing effect on the meridian system, and the disturbing emotions or symptoms are unblocked.

Read more about tapping

Our workshops are Progressive. That means in our workshops you will learn an advanced form of tapping to more quickly alleviate issues such as stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, weight problems, anger, chronic pain, grief, shame and so much more.

It’s virtually impossible to be at your best when you are carrying around stress from work or problems from home.  Fear, anxiety, pain, extra weight and other “baggage” can keep you from realizing your potential.  

In our workshops you will learn how to use MTT as a powerful tool to eliminate negative influences that throttle your progress in life.   Read more about EFT

Our workshops are experiential, fun, exciting, and invaluable to your emotional and physical well-being.  In our workshops you will be acquiring skills that can help you through a lifetime of emotional trials and challenges.  What might take weeks or months of traditional therapy can often be accomplished in a 1 day workshop.

Read testimonials from people who have been through our courses.

Click here to resister for our next Level 1 and 2
(you can take the Level 1 or 2 or both on the same weekend)
Or join us for the Level 1 and two parts of our Practitioners Intensive

We offer all 3 levels of Progressive MTT workshops

  Read about or register for Level 3
(Ultimate Practitioners Workshop)

Cancellation Policy:

All fees are refundable up to two weeks prior to the course date, less a $20 administration charge.  After that no refunds may be given. However, you may apply your paid tuition toward a future course, plus a $20 rescheduling fee.

Register for the next Level 1 and/or 2 Workshop


Pro EFT Workshops for Health Care Professionals (and all others as well)  

:Our Progressive MTT (or Pro-ER) Levels 1, 2 and 3 workshops teach nurses, doctors, chiropractors, therapists, acupuncturists and other health care professionals how to effectively use this remarkable tool for themselves as well as for others. Participants will learn how to help their patients alleviate emotional barriers that can inhibit their mental and physical health.  Thousands of professionals around the world use this extraordinary and rapidly growing technique in their healing practices. 

Tapping adds value and credibility to your practice and is a wonderful tool to promote and enhance your business.   By completing these workshops you will be on the leading edge of energy psychology and emotional health technology.  If you want to equip yourself and your patients or clients with a lifelong tool to achieve peace, joy and purpose, then the EFT workshops are meant for you.   

Here's what a trained health care professional has to say about tapping :

Having been trained in numerous energy techniques, I found myself become disillusioned with them when neither I nor my patients would consistently use them!  While I love Oriental Medicine, I felt there had to be a better way to offer something to patients that they could do between sessions to keep them on the healing path!  I learned about a different form of "Energy Therapy" several years ago, but found it too cumbersome. Peter K. L.Ac.

I use MTT with almost every patient, and those who choose to use it, experience remarkable changes in their life, both physically and emotionally! What a gift to share with others!" P. Carey, Acupuncturist, EFT Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Tapping has clearly brought more pizzazz to my practice than any other process I've ever used. It's far faster than the talk therapy techniques I've been using for 20 years, and less painful for clients. People leave my office feeling so much better and with issues actually resolved in an hour! The key to me, though, was doing the workshops. I thought I "knew" tapping, but realized how much more there was to it in the Level 1 and 2 workshops. I can't wait to do Level 3 now! Gloria E.

Contact us


About the Facilitators:

Together Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Zoe Walton, EFT-ADV, L.Ac. have trained thousands of people to use EFT effectively. Collectively they have amassed over 50 years experience in coaching and counseling.. Additionally they are recognized as two of the top Pro-ER trainers in the U.S.

lindsay headshot 06-05.png Lindsay Kenny, Master EFT Practitioner, has been a coach and facilitator for over 30 years.  She is Founder and Director of the National Alliance for Emotional Health, a member of the Marin Coaches Alliance and the International Coaching Federation and AAMET.  As a Life Coach Lindsay teaches clients how to alleviate the barriers that keep them from being their best, helps them lose weight, have more energy, improve their health and assists them in living healthier, happier lives.  Lindsay has accomplished these results by using the same processes and techniques taught in the workshops.   You can reach Lindsay at 415-507-0889, or e-mail her directly.      

zw Zoe Walton, L.Ac. EFT-ADV, has been a therapist for over 18 years using hypnotherapy, acupuncture, nutrition, herbs and life coaching to help clients overcome physical and emotional challenges. In 2000 Zoe incorporated tapping into her practice.  Zoe works with patients on allergy elimination, physical and emotional challenges, and more.  Contact Zoe at 415-456-8435 or at zoewalton@sbcglobal.net


Important note: While tapping of all kinds has produced remarkable clinical results, it has only been used in its current form since the mid-80s, and thus is still in the experimental stage. Therefore, users of tapping techniques must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Although tapping has no negative side-effects, it has been known to bring peace of mind, relaxation, a brighter outlook, better health, more energy and focus, added self-esteem. It also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and a multitude of other ailments and issues. So use with care. :-)

Lindsay Kenny is not a licensed health care professional and offers Pro-ER as an EFT Master and Life Coach. If you would like to find another Pro-ER practitioner who may be closer to your home area, try www.EFTInternational.com or our sister website at www.NationalAllianceforEmotionalHealth.com, or try our Preferred Practitioners, trained by Lindsay Kenny and Zoe Walton.



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