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Hi Lindsay,
"I am so happy, glad, thrilled! that I took this practitioner's course.
You did an incredible job. I heard more than one person say that these 9 days that we all spent together will be life altering, and I agree. The friendships and connections were priceless
So ...thank you, thank you, thank you! The ripples from this experience will continue on forever. Mary M. Ph.D.

"The Practitioners Intensive was fabulous and I gained a wealth of tools and experiential understanding. You were extremely transparent and generous with your experience and wisdom. I most appreciated your energetic, thorough, well planned and organized presentation; the audio-visuals, printed information, and access to resources online, as well as the clarity of the demonstrations and numerous examples. I am extremely grateful for this rich and enjoyable learning experience and all the ways in which it has transformed my life." Chase McDade


Hi Lindsay, I can't say enough about how much you have touched my life.  I just am glad that I had that chance to be taught by you.  Perhaps later in life I can impact others like as much as you impacted me. HP, Writer and Artist


Lindsay's Practitioner Intensive I attended this year (2013) was an absolutely amazing experience! I was very busy, tired, and overloaded with what I was studying and thought I did not have time for the course. However, because I knew that Lindsay was great person to study with, I really did not want to miss her 'in-person' workshop.

The magic started, from day 1. As I started to learn and practice with classmates in Lindsay's energy field, deep inner healing started and by the end of the workshop, I felt totally re-empowered, recharged, and refreshed! I can't thank enough to Lindsay for her loving, supporting kind heart as well as ProEFT and my loving classmates! I recommend the course to everybody regardless of one's profession! I feel so blessed and grateful!"  Dana from Sedona, AZ 


Lindsay! After attending the "----------" (another popular training course) I had an eye-opening revelation; Never has it been more clear to me how much you have given us as when I watch some of the practitioners at work. I wonder what would happen to their practice and to the world if they had any idea of the incredible work you teach!! It would take a 2-year old brain damaged turtle to not notice that what you are offerring is light years beyond what other people are doing! :-) J.T. Dixon


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Hello Lindsay,
I just want to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating and facilitating this years practitioner intensive. You CLEARLY overdelivered in not only the content you presented but also in the unannounced bonuses you so generously gave to all of us. I felt your positive engergy and desire to impart your knowledge to us throughout the entire program.

The only downer for me was that time went by too quickly. I so enjoyed the energetic synergy that was present and was truly sad to leave all of you at the end of the course. I want you to know of my personal appreciation for you and what this has event has done to help change my life in such a positive way. I look forward to progressing with my new found EFT knowledge as I use these skills to help bless the lives of others. Jim Hallmark


Hi Lindsay and Zoe,
So... I've gone from not knowing how or if I could do this, and have just bulldozed ahead and DONE it. Go figure! Clients are coming out of the woodwork and falling from the sky. I'm just blown away. I haven't even had a chance to do ANY of the stuff I need to do to get set up: website, business cards, brochure, set up phone-calling stuff, even buy file folders for goodness sakes. I've hardly had the time to unpack and do the laundry from my trip! I just wanted to let you guys know that if I could do it, ALL of you can do it.
Nancy S.


LIFE HAS BEEN AMAZING SINCE THE INTENSIVE. We are just different people for the better. It was just so completely life changing for us both. I can't wait to be in your shoes; teaching and changing people lives. It's just exactly what I know I'm suppose to do. I love you and could never thank you enough!!!! Talk to you soon. E.M. "just a mom"


Lindsay and Zoe, thank you so much for your generosity of  loving kindness, laughter and ENERGY! And for passing on the wisdom. Jerry J., Pilot and Instructor


I want to thank you and Zoe SO MUCH.  You delivered the workshop with such excellence.  You are such an inspiration.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge  creates a high level of  delivery and creates wonderful results for your "students".  I feel so inspired to really master all your techniques and  create  my own EFT workshops now!! Jo, Therapist


Dear Lindsay and Zoe and all my wonderful new Intensive friends:

I just have to let you all know how much I loved and benefited from the Intensive and how quickly tapping became a way of life! What a wonderful habit!  I really feel that I cleared some significant and bothersome blocks.
Lynn R. Psychotherapist


Lindsay and Zoe, Your generosity in sharing your skills and insights and talents is an incredible gift that I (and I'm sure all of us) value beyond measure. I spent the entire 5 hour flight home listening to the MP3 audios and tapped along (it was a full flight, but who cares what my seat mates thought!!)  I feel that I learned so much and can almost immediately convey the lessons I learned to benefit others.  My positive attitude is so strong and I want to maintain this high level. Lory R., Attorney and former Federal Judge


Hi Lindsay, I was as high as a kite with positive energy from the past nine days, and I took a function by STORM (that I had to attend! Now I have FIVE appointments scheduled with new clients!!!! (If I'd stayed longer, I would have even more scheduled, but I to come home and change. I had to send you an email before returning to the function, because I am SO PROUD of myself. I bet you thought I was the last person in the entire group who would venture ahead like this. Me, too!  :) Nancy S., Teacher

I have taken countless workshops and classes (in my life,) but The Progressive EFT Practitioner’s Intensive was right up there as the very best.  Nine days of learning and tapping taught me so much (even though I have studied and taught EFT for years.) It also gave me many opportunities to work on my own issues.  Lindsay and Zoe are exceptional, gifted teachers and healers.  It was an extraordinary, life-changing and life-affirming experience.  I highly recommend it! Dr. Kiya Immergluck, EFT Coach



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Hi Lindsay,
Thanks so much for the fabulous weekend. It exceeded my expectations unbelievably! I learned so much and really got energized to get my practice going. N.P.
Registered Nurse


Hi Lindsay and Zoe,
What a fantastic weekend!  I've come all the way home (18hrs on the plane) and am still on a high! (and no jet-lag, because I tapped.) I feel inspired and excited and ready to go and conquer!  You conduct an AWESOME workshop and your enthusiasm is really infectious.  And Zoe is a perfect foil for you - what a partnership!  Thank you both for all the stuff you were willing to give to us. I'm over the moon - talk about attracting abundance abundantly!  Thanks to you all - what a wonderful camaraderie developed over that weekend.  I'll never forget it.  Betty M.


Hi Lindsay,

First, great class!  I thank you for all your giving of information and the website products.  I have already used the brochure template and within a few minutes and a few minor changes I have already started passing out my brochures. Robin G.


Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for the Awesome workshop! It was quite a show you and Zoe put on for everyone. Thank you very much for all that you are doing for the group. It's hard to put into words what it means to all of us, and I'm positive that I can speak for all.

Joe Oliver, Phoenix, AZ


Hi Lindsay,

Well, arrived back in LA tonight, and on the ride home everything looked different. Of course, what had changed in 3 days was not the scenery, but me.  I am floored by the absolutely massive changes that I've noticed in major core issues. I'm also a bit in dismay about how I could have been using EFT successfully with clients for years yet never previously experienced it's power for myself. If I wasn't a believer before, I am certainly now. R.E. Medical Doctor


Dear Lindsay,
I'm still reviewing the weekend in my mind and so many wonderful and valuable moments come to mind.  I am extremely grateful to you and Zoe for such a gracious sharing of your experience and tools.  I look forward to taking these techniques to the world now- all of the pieces were answered that were missing before.
And I do think "Humor is the best medicine" too and you rule in that department. Judy I.

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"Why do I have to do all 9 days? ....
- "I've already done Level 1 and 2 with someone else"...
- "I've read the EFT manual and have watched the EFT
- "I've been using EFT for months/years"...

- "I'm already an EFT (or MTT) Practitioner!"...

If any of these (or other reasons) are your arguments for wanting to skip the Level 1 and 2 in our Intensive here's why that won't work:

This is a "Progressive Emotional Release Intensive" course. It is not taught anywhere else, or in other Levels 1 and 2. In our first two levels we go far beyond conventional or required material by teaching the following:

  • Muscle Testing
  • The "Smiley Face" process
  • Advanced tapping techniques
  • Recognizing and dealing with Reversals (all three kinds)
  • Advanced Choices Method (the Trio)
  • The Golden Gate Technique
  • The Bundling Baggage Technique
  • Tapping Into Your Intuition
  • Dealing with pain, disease and trauma
  • How to deal with complex issues
  • Belief Busting Technique
  • and more!

Can you see why you would be behind if you joined us without knowing these techniques, concepts or processes? The most common phrase we here during our Level 1 and 2 classes is "I didn't realize how much I didn't know until this class." And not knowing would hold the rest of the class back while you asked questions or tried to get caught up. Plus, in doing dyads, you wouldn't know how to handle their issues using these processes or techniques, which wouldn't be fair to you or your dyad partner. If you don't know what a dyad is, then there's another reason skipping the first three days wouldn't work. :-)

Much of this is said with tongue-in-cheek and a smile. But I'm serious about this requirement. We will not waive you through without your having passed our Level 1 and 2 classes. As your mother used to say "You'll thank me for this someday." :-) Back to the registration choices

Other options: If you have taken Level 1 and 2 elsewhere, you can still join us in our regular Level 3 / Ultimate Practitioners' Workshops at another time. We will catch you up then. Thanks for understanding and not asking us to make an exception to this rule for you. We hope you decide to join us.

Lindsay :-)

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