Bundling BaggageTM Teleclass audio

BaggageBundling Baggage may be the most powerful and important technique in Pro EFT.

If you were repetitively emotionally or physically abused by your parents, siblings or peers, or had an alcoholic mother or father who ignored you, or experienced any number of childhood traumas, then you need to hear this audio.

These experiences mean that you received multiple messages that you were not OK, didn't matter, or that you just weren’t good enough. Unfortunately, those messages are written on the indelible slate of who you are as an impressionable child.

Learn how to erase those messages and reclaim your life with Bundling Baggage.

Baggage can also manifest itself in sabotaging relationships, having low self-esteem, getting stuck in your career, financial failures, fears, anxiety, depression and countless other problems. Every year I see hundreds of clients with numerous emotional or physical problems caused by the insensitive way they were treated while growing up.

The Bundling Baggage technique will teach you how to eradicate many or even all of these messages in one fell swoop. By using “Borrowing Benefits” during the class, you may be able to eliminate many of your own old issues just by tapping along with us. And you’ll have the knowledge and tools to later do some work on your own. Eradicating those old negative feelings or beliefs can have an incredibly positive impact on your life today.

This package also comes with an e-book on Bundling Baggage, handouts, and an onstage video of Lindsay demonstrating Bundling.

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