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    Up to 90% of weight issues are EMOTIONALLY BASED; unworthiness, deprivation issues, safety issues, fears galore, limiting beliefs, doubts, past failures, etc. These are the main reason diets don't work. If you don't deal with the emotional CAUSES of overeating or weight-gain, then the problem will persist...or come back.

    Our "Tap Away Weight" series is a unique 6-part weight release program. It's different from anything out there for many reasons. For one, it's a hybrid of a teleclass and a webinar, the best of both worlds. Whether you're low-tech, high-tech or neither, this hybrid will be good for you. You can:

        - Watch and participate with the video recording of the webinar    
        - Download and participate via the teleclass audio recordings
        - Or do both, for the same price
       - Tap away your issues during class or with a practice partner* between
       - Receive over $400 of support materiasl FREE, including our powerful "Tap
         Away Weight" Workbook

    Over $400 worth of EXTRA recordings and material for only 149!

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    NOTE: Please do not mistake our low prices for low value. We have created some of the best EFT and Pro EFT materials out there. In fact, our clients tell us that our products are worth far more than what we charge. We just want to make our audios, videos and articles affordable so we can reach more people with them. We hope you appreciate that. Besides, these are our "New-Website" Celebration prices. Take advantage of them now.


    Besides showing you how to "Tap Away Weight" and reach
    other health and life goals,
    you'll also learn:

    Reversal Neutralization
    The Golden Gate Technique
    The Bundling Baggage Technique
    The Ultimate Truth Statement

    3 Crave-Buster Techniques
    The B's and C's of Success
    -Busting Technique
    The 10 Commandments of Weight Release
    Tap along audios
    and MUCH more!

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    WHO should take this program? Anyone and everyone who wants to have
    a healthier life or learn more about tapping

Here's about what our "Tap Away Weight" class is about:

  • Finding and fixing the causes of your weight issues
  • Overcoming fears or limiting beliefs about reaching your target weight
  • Teaching you powerful emotional and mental tools for weight release and life
  • Helping you choose to maintain a healthy lifestyle for good
  • Using Tapping and the Law of Attraction to define and reach your goals

And here are some other things this program will help you do:

  • Conquer cravings - easily
  • Eliminate emotional eating - easily
  • Feel like a million bucks - easily
  • Reclaim great health - easily
  • Break the "yo-yo" habit -easily
  • Reach your target goal - easily
  • Use Tapping and other tools to keep the weight off - easily
  • And if you missed it, we want to make it EASY for you!

BTW, if any negative chatter came up for you while reading any of the above benefits write it down. Such as;
"I don't even know what incredible energy feels like."
"I've always been fat, why should this be different?"
"What if this doesn't work?"
"I've already tried EVERY thing so this would be just one more failure."
"I'm not sure I'd feel safe if I were thinner"

We'll get rid of that negative thinking during the classes. It's essential and easier than you think!

It's this simple; if you follow the easy guidelines we'll teach you in class, you WILL succeed! We'll even help you with the commitment part!


When: Listen and watch the recorded classes any time, at your convenience. You can download the MP3 audio portion, or watch the recorded Webinar from your computer or Smart Phone.

How Much?   $149

Register now and receive over $400 worth of bonuses mentioned below

WHY is this a teleclass and webinar?

  1. People can watch the video recording on their own time and as many times as they would like
  2. The active PowerPoint presentation allows students to absorb information and assimilate easier
  3. Lindsay is funny to watch. :-)
  4. It's the best of both worlds: visual webinars and audio only teleclasses

WHY should you do this? Because you deserve it! You really do. Don't put this off any longer. Go for it. You'll never have a better opportunity to regain your life and health, and for such an incredibly low price.

What else do you get? Well, besides, great health, a new attitude about your value, a slimmer body, regained self-esteem and self-respect, you will also receive:

* FREE Lindsay's Tap Away Weight Workbook! For great support during and after the
           classes, helping you absorb and assimilate the material
* FREE Downloadable audios and videos from these classes
* FREE Lindsay's Bundling Baggage teleclass audio. Value? priceless - and
            free for you with this course
* FREE Several bonuse tap-along audios
* FREE Demonstration client sessions audios on releasing limiting beliefs and fears
* FREE Several other support teleclass audios, videos and articles worth over $400

Also, because you need some foundational EFT or tapping knowledge to do this course, we're giving you Lindsay's Introduction to Tapping teleclass audios FREE. Listen and tap along with these for recordings before participating in the class for the best results. Here's what you'll get; Basic EFT (and beyond), Reversals, Finding Core Issues and Dealing with Cravings - Again these bonuses are worth $400 alone.

Value? OMG! Priceless!

By registering you are agreeing to waiver below.

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After registering you will be directed to an important confirmation page for all logistics and downloads. Please save that page.

If you get a message that says "You are being directed to an unsecured page", CONTINUE ANYWAY.  It is safe to proceed. The next page is your confirmation, which is very important. And it does not reveal any information about you or your payment. I promise it is safe and secure, and information you need to participate in these classes.

Still not sure? Read some of our testimonials below.



Hi Lindsay, I just wanted to tell you that I love this class! I really enjoy being able to watch you on the video- it makes it more interesting and interactive.  I am beginning to believe it can be easy again.  I feel so much more relaxed about it all.
Thanks for that :) Dr. Alicia Hollis. Sedona, AZ


Your webinar and teleclass combination is a great idea...especially on the subject of weight. Great PowerPoint presentations too! You rock, Lindsay! David Madson, Detroit


This is the best online class I've ever taken. Your power point slides aren't boring, but fun. Love your humor and "approachability" Love you! Thank you for bring these fresh concepts to everyone. Ray Fredricks, Sacramento, CA

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Hi Lindsay!
   I just want to say how very very much I loved this W8 release 
program!  It was utterly fantastic!!!!   It has helped me feel so much 
more in control of my relationship to my body.  I feel distinctly more 
optimistic and happy with myself because of it. I am using the UTS 
statement 2/day and I'm planning on tapping with each meal/snack.   I 
think the Aversion Technique is remarkable!    
    I really can't get over how generous you are with all that you have
discovered and put  together. Count me as a fan, forEVER!!!! 
Love, Linda Bailey - Dayton, OH


Lindsay, I've only just finished the third class and am really getting it. I've tried just about every diet and program under the sun. I've lost weight, many times, but could never keep it off. I had a breakthrough last night and see what I've been missing; the emotional link! I'm trying to punish my mother (and husband) with my "chubby cheeks". I can't wait to hear and see the rest. Your concepts are magical! Yvonne, Montreal.


Just wanted to let you know, Lindsay that I think your ideas about weight release are spot on. This is fresh, unique, and insightful material. I've had 20 "ah-ha" moments already. You should be charging way more for it girl! Jessica Tam, San Diego


Hi Lindsay, I really loving this class. It's really fresh and new material. I thought I had already seen everything about weight issues. I am only half-way through the recordings and I'm already seeing a huge shift. My attitude and weight are much lighter. I like your approach and creative ideas about weight, Lindsay. Respects, Michael Petricka (Seattle)


Hey Lindsay - It's hard to believe this class is coming to an end. As usual, you have poured your heart and soul into this teleclass and have given us so much. I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from it all.  Thank you. Jenny K - Chicago


I want to let you know, Lindsay that I've already released 11 pounds! Your Power of 10s (or 10%) really, really helped. Instead of it feeling daunting to fulfill my dreams to weight 142 pounds and be healthy, I feel vitalized and excited about it. You're a genius. xxoxoxox. And thank you for all the surprises and extras. How do you do it? Angela Smith-Hepworth, - B.C Canada

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By purchasing the recordings of this teleclasses or webinar and by using these techniques I am agreeing to the following:

  • I agree to take full responsibility for my own well-being and will advise any tapping partners to do the same.
  • I agree to hold harmless Lindsay Kenny, Pro EFT and any assistants or participants for any side effects or results of the tapping. 
  • I understand that known side effects include, relaxation, peace of mind, an optimistic outlook, and more joy in life. I further understand that while there have been no documented negative side effects from Pro EFT Tapping, when the proper protocols have been followed, this does not a guarantee that I will not experience side effects.
  • I understand that tapping is a relatively new procedure and is not meant to replace standard medical and/or mental health treatment or counseling, and that Lindsay Kenny is not a licensed health care professional.
  • I agree to not stop taking any medications I am on.  

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