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The "Ultimate Pro EFT Level 1 Workbook"

by Lindsay Kenny


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This book is copyrighted, © 2005-2012, by Lindsay Kenny. All rights reserved. Only one download allowed per purchase.


I am proud to offer the EFT book which I co-authored, titled "Freedom at Your Fingertips"

 Get this new EFT book!This book, written by 20 World-Class EFT practitioners, is different from anything else currently available. Look at this marquee of EFT experts that provided chapters on a variety of topics.

Co-Authors and Their Chapters

Gloria Arenson: Procrastination... Ron Ball: Stress... Gwenn Bonnell: Pain Management... Paul & Layne Cutright: Relationships... Lindsay Kenny: Anxiety... Dr. Alexander R. Lees: Health...Carol Look: Abundance... Angela Treat Lyon: Speaking & Stage Fright... Rebecca Marina: Sexuality... Betty Moore-Hafter: Travel... Carol Solomon: Weight Loss... Loretta Sparks: Addictions... Mary Stafford: Fears & Phobias... Carol Tuttle: Personal Development... Stacey Vornbrock: Sports Performance... Maryam Webster: Blockages & Obstacles... Rick Wilkes: Spiritual Growth... Brad Yates: Happiness... Jan Yordy : Children & Teens

This book is geared to broader audiences. It’s aimed at introducing EFT and energy psychology to the public by offering practical ways to use EFT in everyday life. And, it’s designed for reference and easy reading in a question and answer format. Read more about this unique book or order "Freedom at your Fingertips", $19.95, or by clicking on the icon above.

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